Silver Secrets is my sixth E-book. This one was inspired by one of my most popular workshops - Silver Secrets, of course! I have had the pleasure of teaching this workshop all over the world, and this E-book is dedicated to my students everywhere. In the class, sometimes the bead styles vary, but three main subjects are always covered: The Organic Bead, The Magic Bead and The Beach Bead. Each one of is a focal bead that incorporates many different techniques, which you can always mix and match as you like. Each one shows a different way of working with silver (along with other goodies, such as Raku frit, goldstone and silver glass), and the results usually fall into the realm of organic-style beads.

The techniques in the E-book are demonstrated using COE-104 glass

The first part of the book is dedicated to general information about working with glass and silver, including basic techniques, Hot Head tips and even a couple of pages about working with other metals. Then comes the tutorial section, which includes 3 step-by-step tutorials. At the end of the book, you will find the “Ideas and Inspiration” section - these pages contain variations on the techniques and ideas to spark your creativity.

The Organic Bead

All the beads in this E-book could fall into the “organic” category, but this one is always named “The Organic Bead” in my workshop. You’ll learn to incorporate silvered ivory into your organic bead, and I’ll share my tips for working with Raku frit.

The Magic Bead

This bead was named “The Magic Bead” by my students in Moscow back in 2009, and it sort of stuck. I’ll show you how to get an interesting silver glass effect without actually using any silver glass, and we’ll throw in some sparkly goodies, like goldstone frit and silver wire, for good measure.

The Beach Bead

“Beach Beads” have always been one of my most popular styles. For this one, we’ll learn to layer silver glass and frits, and top everything off with some shiny silver mesh. There will also be some suggestions for different color combinations.

The E-book is 58 pages long, and contains over 150 high-quality color photos. File size is 9MB.

Why an E-Book?

Less boring logistic work for me, lower price and speedy delivery time for you - and it’s better for the environment, too! If you are a paper-person, you can print this E-book out for your own use.

The E-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed easily using software like Adobe Reader or Foxit - both available for free download.

Please Read:

When you buy a copy of ‘Silver Secrets’, it is intended solely for your own use. You may not pass it on, e-mail it, sell it, post it online or otherwise distribute it, digitally or as a hard copy, without my explicit permission. You can make a backup copy of the file, or print out the entire book or sections of it for yourself, but please do not hand out copies to your friends. (Or enemies. Or anyone.)

If you think you may have received an illegal copy of the book, please e-mail me at (You can e-mail anonymously if you like.)

Please Note: Basic beadmaking techniques are not covered in this E-book.
It is assumed that you have knowledge and experience in basic making and shaping of beads, pulling stringers and using them, dot placement, encasing and basic cane-pulling techniques.

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