Affordable roadside assistance when it matters most

Affordable Roadside Assistance When It Matters Most

Emergency Roadside Assistance
Emergency Roadside Assistance Motor Club of America

Many motorists who understand the benefits and importance of roadside assistance do need affordable services within their means. While an accident situation can be devastating, the thought about the cost of getting help may discourage motorists who need help from asking. For this singular reason, the cost of getting help also matters!

Whether you need emergency roadside assistance for towing service, or you need vehicle consumable supply like fuel or engine oil, the cost you are getting it for is equally important. MCA Roadside assistance plans offer affordable emergency roadside assistance within your means. As a member, you will get unlimited roadside support once daily for a whole year.

Roadside assistance plans by MCA is reliable motoring protection that guarantees coverage on fuel delivery, wrecker towing service, battery boost, tire change and lock service. The membership of motor club of America provides toll-free call service within your coverage areas. It5 further provides paid call service to the nearest support station for reimbursement of up to $100.


In case of car disability in an accident, MCA Roadside assistance plans offer up to $500 payback for a rental car to your destination. You could get the same reimbursement cover for meals, lodging, and transportation when you are in a location about 50 miles from your home. The design of roadside assistance compensation is to help motoring public get immediate and affordable support when they are in need.


No roadside assistance could be easier and more affordable than the motor club of America service because it brings into perspective the comfort and good feeling of the accident victim. There is no amount of planning and preparation for a motoring trip can adequately cover all areas of troubles. But well conceived roadside assistance plans have provided the needed succor and relieve in troubled times. When you consider the immediate attention and value-added services received from MCA roadside assistance package, experience has shown that it’s a premium offer with lots of benefits.


Road accident has responsibilities than meet the eyes. After a crash, the driver will need to take care of critical legal procedures. With the troubles of sorting out after accidents details, any help that lessens the pressure will be very much appreciated. Some of the things that may follow an accident which the MCA roadside assistance helps in taking care of are:

  • Arrest bond. MCA membership card provides alternative cash bail of up to $500 (except in Maryland) in traffic offense cases.
  • Bail bond. MCA roadside assistance will arrange up to $25,000 bail bond for a member’s release in a chargeable traffic offense.
  • Attorney fees. A motor club of America member will get up to $2000 for attorney defense when involved in traffic offense where the police are involved. The cost covers various traffic offenses.
  • Stolen car compensation. There is up to $5000 award to protect your car from being stolen.


When you consider the different Roadside assistance plans benefits of motor club of America emergency roadside assistance you will discover the cost-effectiveness of the service in term of affordable roadside assistance services in America.

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