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Swimming in Silver Glass…

Silver Glass Beads

  …or perhaps the title for this post should be “quickly running out of silver glass”. Either way, here’s a little peek at what’s new in my Etsy shop this week:   Have a great weekend!  

New Stuff on eBay

   Click here to visit all my current auctions or click an image to go to its page.          Thanks for looking!

Happy 12/12/12! An E-book SALE, New Beads and… Food?

  Today only, all e-books are only $12! Find them here: http://www.glassbysarah.com/?page_id=476   In other news, a little non-bead-related surprise: as some of you probably know, I’ve been working on a Hebrew vegan food blog for the past few months. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, although I guess you could say it was …

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Copper Leaf Obsession Continues…

            Now on Etsy!    


Here’s a new style I’ve been working on. It’s one of those times of year when I want to be able to offer beads that are more affordable, but still make them Sarah-Beads, so here you go. This style is kind of organic-ish, but not quite… the beads are quite different from organics I’ve made …

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New Bead Sets

My muse is definitely back in town. I’ve been exploring with color, form and some other stuff. I’m having so much fun at the torch these days. ‘Nuff said.           All the beads in this post are now available on Etsy!    

Ball Games

Don’t ask me how I went from unrecognizable blob shapes to perfect spheres. Sometimes these things just happen.     Okay, okay, ask me.   How did you go from making unrecognizable blob shapes to perfect spheres, Sarah?   Well, I’m glad you asked. Every once in a while, usually when my mojo is on …

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Lightening Up with some New Beads

  Attention UK folks – if you’re planning on visiting Art in Action this year, I have a special offer for you: Art in Action two for one ticket offer: Buy one standard adult entry ticket online and get a second ticket FREE. Tickets can be used on any day. Go to www.artinaction.org.uk. Use the unique …

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