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Thinking Pink (and Purple and Blue)

  I promised to show you photos of my new place, and I know that was like a million years ago, but I’ve been a little slow with the unpacking and organizing this time. Sorry about that. The important thing is, today I can finally say my apartment is beginning to look like a place …

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The Great Beadmaking Marathon of 2011

I just finished listing 17 new bead sets on Etsy.   Yes, 17. Seventeen. 17!   You guys know that I love you, but I’m too exhausted to post pictures here too, so please go check them out at my shop. I’m off to have some comfort food and watch Project Runway.   Have a …

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Big News

In almost every blog post ever written on how to write blog posts, they tell you to avoid blog cliches. And one of the biggest cliches, apparently, is apologizing for not writing for a while. But still, I’m going to apologize for not writing for a while, because that’s not cool, and besides, I have …

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Here’s a new style I’ve been working on. It’s one of those times of year when I want to be able to offer beads that are more affordable, but still make them Sarah-Beads, so here you go. This style is kind of organic-ish, but not quite… the beads are quite different from organics I’ve made …

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New Bead Sets

My muse is definitely back in town. I’ve been exploring with color, form and some other stuff. I’m having so much fun at the torch these days. ‘Nuff said.           All the beads in this post are now available on Etsy!    

Silent Saturday: Spheres (what else?)


Beads! New Ones!

Yeah! I’m finally getting back to my torching routine, after a long hiatus – possibly the longest one ever. I guess going half the summer with no air conditioning and then being deported will do that to you. Anyway, first thing I wanted to do was more exploration of my Oyster ring series, but as …

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Ball Games

Don’t ask me how I went from unrecognizable blob shapes to perfect spheres. Sometimes these things just happen.     Okay, okay, ask me.   How did you go from making unrecognizable blob shapes to perfect spheres, Sarah?   Well, I’m glad you asked. Every once in a while, usually when my mojo is on …

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My attention span came back for another visit!

Or maybe this set is more of an indication of lack thereof? Anyway, it’s another big set, and it’s on Etsy. I can imagine lots of design possibilities for these. No, seriously, I am imagining possibilities. If you want them, take them away from me now! 😉    

Blah, Blah, Blobs

For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had as much motivation for torching as usual. The days are becoming hotter, as they always seem to do around this time of year – those weeks when summer suddenly drops down on you out of nowhere, and you walk around thinking, “Was it really this hot …

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