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Pinterest is my new favorite waste of time. It’s a really fun site – you get to spend hours looking at pretty pictures, selecting your favorites and pretending you’re doing something productive (hey, I really need to put these style boards together, ’cause I’m an artist and stuff. I’m working!)

I’ve recently decided to actually be productive, and use my Color Inspiration board for, well, color inspiration. Here are some of the results. I’m not sure what the etiquette is on blogging pins, so I’ve added a small thumbnail version and a link to the pin below.


Link to Beads (sold, thanks!)

Link to Pin


Link to Beads

Link to Pin


Link to Beads

Link to Pin


If anyone wants an invite to Pinterest, you can send me your email address (I’m sarah.hornik [at] gmail) and I’ll send you one. (Or you can sign up for one on the site – it takes them a day or two to send it.)


Copper Leaf Obsession Continues…







Loud Whisper


Life on Mars


Hide and Seek


Now on Etsy!



Everything but the Kitchen Sink


Clearance Sale in my Bead Shop:

It’s that time of year again! I’ve added a bunch of items to the sale section of my shop. There are lots of focals and some sets for reduced prices – click to check them out!


New Earrings

A new take on an older design… I love making these. You can find them in my jewelry shop.

I love wearing them, too – so I had to steal a pair for myself. If you follow me on Facebook you may know this already, but I got my ears pierced for the first time just a few months ago, at age 35… yeah. Wanting to finally be able to wear my own earrings was the main source of motivation there. And, I recently got kind of a drastic haircut. So I’m all about earrings these days. :-)

Anyway, my spacer earrings are fun to wear and they reap a lot of compliments. One woman even wanted to buy them right off my ears. (I’m making her a similar pair. These ones are mine. MINE!)

(I'm not sad, I just always look sad in photos, because the only other option is stupid goofy smile.)


New Rings, Too

Just a couple for now, but more are coming soon.


I Think I’m in Love…

With copper leaf. I’ve used it in the past, but now I’m combining it with enamels and loving the results. How fantastic is this shade of turquoise?

These new sets are now available in my bead shop.

Set in Stone


Copper Age




And while we’re at it…

I’ve posted lots of new stuff at Sarah’s Printables, including some coloring sheets and other items you can download, print and color yourself!

There’s also a new Facebook page where you can keep track of what’s new (and your likes are much appreciated).


I think that’s it for today?

Am I forgetting anything?

Well… I guess I’ll get back to the torch then. See you soon!


Beads and Jewelry: The Lost and Found Collection

On a brief visit to London back in August 2010, I was referred to a certain gallery that specialized in handmade artisan jewelry. I went there with a bunch of my pieces and butterflies in my stomach, and to my delight, the owner liked everything. While I’ve never been a big fan of the idea of consignment, I was excited to leave quite a few pieces of jewelry and a few loose focal beads behind – because, after all, being able to say “my jewelry can now be seen at a gallery in London” sounds really cool.

Unfortunately, things turned out to be not so cool. To make a long story short – the gallery closed down just a couple of months later, which I had to learn about from their website. They hadn’t sold any of my pieces, and to make matters worse, the owners vanished off the face of the earth. Bouncing emails, unanswered phone calls, the works. I was begrudgingly beginning to accept the fact that I had paid a very high price for my own naivety – many, many hours of work and large amounts of money invested in materials (not to mention the price of silver doubling itself since then), all down the drain. The thought of never seeing all that jewelry again was seriously depressing.

Miraculously enough, the jewelry showed up in my post office box last week – a year and a half later – after making a stop at a good friend’s address in the UK! It’s back! It’s actually here!

All’s well that ends well, I guess. Needless to say, I will never be selling on consignment again. But now, I’m so happy I can finally list all the jewelry on Etsy. I still have a lot of photographing to do, but in the meantime… the pieces I was most excited to take out of the box were these bracelets, because I think they’re some of my best work. I am now calling them my Lost and Found Bracelets.



This one was featured in the 2011 Women's Edition of The Flow magazine.





There were also some loose focal beads in the box, and I’m offering these for $29 each in the sale section of my bead shop.







More Lost and Found jewelry will be posted soon – stay tuned!


Thinking Pink (and Purple and Blue)


I promised to show you photos of my new place, and I know that was like a million years ago, but I’ve been a little slow with the unpacking and organizing this time. Sorry about that. The important thing is, today I can finally say my apartment is beginning to look like a place someone actually  lives (and works!) in. So, here’s an extra-special post full of delicious pink things. And blue things and purple things too.


A couple of months ago, just before I moved, I decided I was desperately tired of looking at brown, generic furniture, so I painted everything in blues and purples. Painting furniture, as it turns out, is really fun for the first couple of brush strokes (OMG this is SO cool). Then it gets kind of boring (umm, okay, looks like this might take longer than I thought). At some point you may even find yourself scrubbing purple paw prints off the floor (noooooooooo, Moby, NO!). Then you start to hate paint and paintbrushes (how is this bookshelf not finished yet?!) and particularly turpentine, after you accidentally dumped half a bottle of it on the bathroom floor (##$@$%$@!@#!!@%$%$%!). And then it takes the paint forever to dry. But hey, after it’s all done, you don’t have to look at generic brown furniture anymore. And that rocks. Moby thinks so too.



I couldn’t stop there, of course. My sofas were looking like the most hideous pieces of furniture on the planet, particularly due to my darling boy up there. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Sigalit not only makes beautiful jewelry, she can sew sofa covers as well! So I went to pick out some fabric, and I was thinking purple and turquoise to match the furniture, but of course I couldn’t resist the fuchsia and the orchid. So now I kind of feel like I live in Boho Barbie’s Dream House. In a good way, of course.




My infamous marble table got a paint job too, as you can see, and a different selection of marbles. (Previous version here.)



Although I love my new living room, I can’t spend all day sitting in it… a girl’s gotta work, right? My wonderful friend Amnon helped me set up my new workspace. I’m working with an oxygen concentrator now and actually really enjoying it. It’s great not to have to worry about oxygen running out in the middle of a bead!



Since the window is closed in the photo, I should show you the view from my new studio. Not very scenic, I know, but as you can see, I couldn’t be more conveniently located. Even if my glass runs out in the middle of a bead, I can run across the street, buy more and almost get home in time before the bead cracks.



When making my first beads in my new place, I found myself strangely drawn to pink (and blue). I wonder why.



Since I have such wonderful friends who make this all possible, I had some of them over today for a little belated housewarming. In the spirit of pink and wonderfulness, I made a strawberry-mascarpone pie. No, really, I did. I’ve got proof.



My wonderful friend Tal must have been reading my mind when she brought these stuffed beets, which tasted as good as they look!



Conclusion: Pink, in all forms, is the best.

But just look at all those other colors waiting to be melted…

They know their turn is coming soon!




Attention Hebrew-speakers: I wrote an article this week about the state of the local handmade community. If you haven’t yet, you can read it here.



Pre-Holiday SALE – 20% off everything! And… a New Etsy Shop!


I’m having a pre-holiday sale on Etsy!

Use the coupon code PREHOLIDAY to to receive a 20% DISCOUNT on any purchase from my bead and e-book shop or jewelry shop!

Sale ends November 30, 2011.



In other news: I still don’t have my torch set up in my new apartment yet, and at this point it’s driving me crazy, as you can imagine. I hope to have things up and running within a week or so.

However, I’ve been keeping myself busy with some unglass stuff. You guys know how much I love my Prismacolors. So, I’m excited to announce my new Etsy shop! Sarah’s Printables offers printable items for scrapbooking, cardmaking, jewelry making or anything else you can imagine. There are also some printable greeting cards, and more items will be added in the very near future! All products were hand-drawn and colored by me, then scanned at a high resolution. You are most welcome to visit at

E-Book SALE!

Hey! All my E-books are 50% off till Wednesday (Nov. 2, 2011)!

You can find the sale prices on my E-book page.



I’m at my new place in Tel Aviv, and I’m ecstatic to be here! I’m going to tell you more about it and show you some pictures, but I’m the most exhausted person in the world right now so that will have to wait for a bit.


15 Tips for Moving with Glass Rods

I’m almost done packing all my glass for the second time within a year! The second time was much easier, less frustrating and less bloody than the first one, so I thought I’d share some tips with you.


What you’ll need:

Rubber Bands

Bubble Wrap

Cardboard boxes

Packing Tape

Red Marker





Take a good, long look at your glass rods and try to estimate how much bubble wrap and rubber bands you are going to need. Then, go out and buy three times as much. Trust me.



To avoid extreme ongoing frustration, purchase heavy-duty rubber bands that won’t break easily.



DO NOT, under any circumstance, pack your band-aids BEFORE you start packing your glass.



If your glass rods are neatly organized by color, pat yourself on the back – this will make your life easier. If they are just lying around in random stacks all around the house (as they were for me for my last move), don’t bother organizing them before the move – this will be much more time-consuming than you think, and you’re probably all stressed out about moving as it is. Besides, it will be much more fun to organize everything once you get to your new space, without all the pressure.



Make bundles. First, make a bundle for each color, and secure it tightly with rubber bands. Unless you have a lot of rods in a certain color, wrap smaller bundles together to make large bundles. You want to have about 30-40 rods in each bundle.



When packing shorter rods, like the ones you have already started using, or weird ones that are longer than usual, bundle rods of similar lengths together.



Use rubber bands generously and tightly. Watch out for sharp, pointy ends. Apply band-aids to skin when needed. Scream profanities at the top of your lungs if necessary.



Wrap each large bundle in a generous amount of bubble wrap.



I have yet to come up with a brilliant way of packing stringers, so I just throw them out. If you’re very attached to yours, wrapping bundles of them carefully in a lot of bubble wrap and stuffing them into heavy-duty cardboard tubes might work. Hey, maybe I should try that, actually.



When preparing your cardboard boxes, choose ones that are made of sturdy cardboard and use extra layers of packing tape.



Don’t forget that in large quantities, glass is really heavy. Don’t pack all your glass in one big box – that would increase the chances of the bottom of the box collapsing, or worse, of the movers dropping it. Instead, divide it between smaller boxes.



Instead of filling boxes up with glass, pack the rods with softer, lightweight things, such as pillows, bedding or towels. Put a layer of something soft on the bottom of the box, then put some bubble-wrapped glass bundles on top of that, then something soft on top. Make sure the box is completely stuffed; you don’t want anything rolling around in there. Tape the boxes shut.



This is kind of obvious, but anyway – write FRAGILE all over the boxes in big, red letters.



Once the move is over and you’re at your new place, don’t leave the bundles of glass sitting around in rubber bands for too long, especially if you live in a warm climate. Rubber bands disintegrate and stick to the glass and/or leave yucky, sticky residue on it, so if you’re going to be storing your rods for a long time it’s probably better to use a different method. In any case, rubber band residue is not the world’s worst disaster – it will burn off in the flame and it won’t discolor the glass. Still, burning rubber stinks and working with sticky rods kind of sucks.



Once again, obvious but anyway – save all your bubble wrap! You can reuse it to pack beads for shipping, and it should last for a couple of years at least.



And that’s all, folks! This just might be the last post I will write from suburbia. In three more days I will be a city girl – aka myself – again. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, you can use the coupon code MOVINGDAY to get 10% off any purchase from my bead and e-book shop or jewelry shop. Enjoy!

(Sale ends Monday, October 24, 2011.)



Soda Lime Times Feature

I’m honored  and excited to be the featured artist in this month’s issue of Soda Lime Times!

If you are a beadmaker and you’re not familiar with the publication, I highly recommend you check it out – I know you’ll love it! Each issue is jam-packed with information and tutorials, and it’s really a great value for your money. But don’t take my word for it – you can sign up to get a free issue on the website.

A huge thanks to the lovely Diane Woodall for featuring me and my work!




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