Beads! New Ones!


I’m finally getting back to my torching routine, after a long hiatus – possibly the longest one ever. I guess going half the summer with no air conditioning and then being deported will do that to you.

Anyway, first thing I wanted to do was more exploration of my Oyster ring series, but as beads. Here are the first results. I think more will come… this could lead to some interesting places.


First Impressions


Floating Pearls


Ocean Floor


Now, I thought I made so many sphere beads before my un-trip that I got those totally out of my system… turns out, nope! I still want to make more. Good news for those of you who like to buy loose beads, because most of the previous ones were made into jewelry.


Opal Raspberries


Sweets (sold, thanks!)






Blue Berries


All beads in this post are now available on Etsy.


See you soon with more!



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