Thank You.

Thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of my heart.


While it seems I am able to come up with many, many words to write about sitting in a boring room for two days, I feel like I can’t think of enough words to thank each and every one of you for all your support over the last week. All that comes to mind is a big, fat THANK YOU. I’d rent a plane to write it in huge letters across the sky, if I could afford that and if I didn’t hate everything having to do with planes at the moment.

Seriously – I am so touched, and completely overwhelmed. It is just amazing to know that so many people care. Thank you.


If you’re a UK citizen and this situation upsets you (or if you’re not but you want to read more about visiting artist regulations in the UK), click here for Manifesto Club’s Visiting Artists and Academics campaign. There’s also a petition to the UK Parliament that you can sign.


As for everything else… I’ve been relaxing, spending some time with friends and slowly recovering from the shock, and I think things are going to be okay. My air conditioning is working now (knock on wood) and maybe later this week I’ll get back to making those things… errr… you know… those little things with the holes… ummm… beads? Yeah! Beads. We definitely need some new beads. Right? I think so.


The 25% sale at my Etsy shops will be running till Sunday, July 31 (coupon code: NOPLACELIKEHOME).

I still have a lot of jewelry that needs to be photographed, so more items will be posted in my jewelry shop over the next few days. Tomorrow I’ll be listing a special collection of Pandora-style beads that I made for Art in Action – those will be available in my bead shop. I know that other than that my bead inventory is low at the moment – sorry about that. I made a lot of them into ready-to-wear stuff before the show, and most of what was left is on its way to people all over the world (thank you!). So, yeah, I really need to get back to real life and back to the torch.


Thank you again… and again… and again. I really can’t say it enough.


See ya soon!





  1. Linda Lee T.

    Ok, seriously, how is it that I’m just now reading up on all of this? What a fiasco!! I can’t believe you’ve been through so much, just trying to live your life and do what it is that you love doing. Amazing how quickly you are bouncing back… friends help with that, don’t they? Yup…

    I will definitely pimp out your jewelry sale!

  2. Sarah

    Um, wow. Thanks for linking to the Manifesto Club site. I had no idea THAT was what you guys were up against. I now understand and sympathize much more with UK art organizations and their approach to handling vistors. I’ll definitely be writing about this, too.

  3. Donna Louise Sanders

    Hi Sarah, I’ve just been reading about your awful experiences after one of my friends linked to your blog on FB. I can’t believe the way you were treated but I do hope that it won’t put you off coming over here again in the future. Your beads are fantastic and I’ll look forward to seeing the new ones once they’re listed.

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