I hope you’re all having (or about to have) a great weekend!

I’m not, because my air conditioner just broke down for the 50th time this summer AND I WANT TO SCREAM.


Nope, that didn’t help. I still want to scream.



Fortunately, I am leaving for Art in Action on Tuesday, and at this point, no matter what happens there, I’m just glad I get to spend 10 days someplace where it isn’t hot. Bring on the grey and gloomy English summer – I can’t wait! In fact, I might just stay there and never return home again.

I’m excited that I’ll get to meet some of you at the festival (hey, almost as excited as I am about the cold weather). A last reminder, if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet – you can use the promo code SARAHH at the Art in Action website to get two for the price of one! (Terms and conditions apply.)



Also – there are a couple of spots left in my class at Diana East’s studio on Friday, July 29. It’s going to be a really fun class and I’ll be including a couple of ring designs as a special added bonus! Please contact Di for more info.

I will also be giving a demonstration at the Open Studio Day on Sunday, July 31, and there will be other demonstrations and a bunch of other cool stuff happening there as well. You can read about that here.



My Etsy shops are both going on vacation starting tomorrow night and most of my inventory will be traveling with me, so if you see something you like, grab it now!

My E-books will still be available while I’m away, of course.



And here’s something important that concerns all Etsy sellers: yet another questionable new feature is coming soon, sigh. You’ll be able to assign attributes to your listings in 4 different categories, and these attributes will be searchable. One of the categories is “techniques”, and the list of techniques currently does not include lampwork or any other technique having to do with glass. You can read about the changes here.

If you are an Etsy seller and you work with glass in whatever form, please voice your opinion about this on the Etsy forum. I think it’s important that we make some noise here.



That’s all for today. Wherever you are, I hope your air conditioning works and the weather isn’t making you want to rip your hair out.



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