Blah, Blah, Blobs

For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had as much motivation for torching as usual. The days are becoming hotter, as they always seem to do around this time of year – those weeks when summer suddenly drops down on you out of nowhere, and you walk around thinking, “Was it really this hot last year? It couldn’t have been.”

Generally speaking, life is kind of blah.

The main thing that’s been on my mind is moving back to the city. It’s practically all I can think about. I gave suburbia a fair try – really, I did – but it just doesn’t feel like where I belong. It’s not all bad, but I can’t say I’m happy with my life here. I need to be in the city. I just do. It’s who I am. Once I move back – even if it has to be to a crappy studio apartment somewhere – I’ll probably never leave it again. I miss living my life in a small radius, having everything I could possibly need right across the street, or at most, a short bus ride away. I miss walking through the lively streets where everything is always open. I miss knowing that the beach is in walking distance, just for the off-chance that I’d ever want to go. I miss things I can’t quite put my finger on. I miss being me. Does that make any sense at all?

So, anyway. If you’re a beadmaker – or if you’re a creative person of any kind, really – you probably know those days when you’ve finally forced yourself to sit at your work table, but you can’t really come up with any good ideas, so you figure you’ll just sit there swirling random colors around. Hey, sometimes that works. But then, you end up with stuff that looks like this, and you know the best thing for you – and probably for the rest of the world – would be shutting off your torch and spending the rest of the day playing some stupid repetitive game on your beloved iPhone and contemplating what your life used to be.


Quite possibly the ugliest bead ever.


For my last couple of torch sessions, I decided to try something new. Not completely new, something I kind of started with before I became immersed in 100 Color Ideas. For lack of a better name, I’ll call it The Blob Technique. Here’s a quick tutorial: The Blob Technique starts out with no particular idea in mind, just a blob. You grab the first color that catches your eye, you melt it into some random shape, mash it if desired, and just take it from there. Then you add more blobs in different colors. Then you sort of melt everything together, without trying to coax the glass into any particular shape… you just sit back and let it be whatever it wants to be. If you don’t like what the glass wants to be, you grab more colors and add more blobs, until things work themselves out – which they usually do at some point. Then you decorate your multi-blob with leftover murrini, stringers or whatever else you happen to have lying around on your table (which is, in my case at least, usually a whole lot of different stuff).

I am really liking the results of The Blob Technique – seems like it’s exactly what I needed right now.

I hope you like them too. These and others are now available on Etsy at the moment, but might disappear to be made into jewelry sometime in the near future, depending on my muse, if it sticks around, and where it decides to take me. :-)



  1. Carolyn

    Maybe you can etch or tumble your Ugliest Bead Ever. It could look nice with a satin finish. like a watercolor effect…the colors remind me of a Bird of Paradise flower. I think there is some potential!

  2. Amy

    I think there must be a universal black hole in the creativity sector – a lot of bead artists I’ve talked to lately, myself included, seem to be in a rut. However, I do the same thing when I can’t get started, although my moniker for them is Scribble Beads. Just like being a kid and grabbing a crayon and scribbling on the paper. One good thing about yucky bead days – getting through them seems to bring on the good days!
    Good luck with your move:)

  3. Cathy Taylor

    I don’t see this as the ugliest bead ever.
    I see a magical mystery bead.
    The lady in the center has her spirit flying away around the bead. The orange bird looking on may be her spirit returning, or her friend observing.
    The one bird is splitting into two, or giving birth to another.
    And no, I am not on an acid trip :)
    Making it matte (I think that is what Carolyn is suggesting) might add to it.

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