Jewelry: Summer 2011 Collection, Part #1

I’ve started working on a new jewelry collection. Feels like it’s been so long since I made any jewelry… but once I get started it’s hard to stop, and my hands are getting those familiar plier-blisters again, and all I want to do is run out and buy more and more supplies (as if I don’t have enough gemstone beads… no, really, I don’t think I do).

Anyway, this season, it’s all about the brights! Yay!


Most of the jewelry I make over the next couple of months will be traveling to Art in Action with me, but I will be posting a few pieces on Etsy as well. You can find the pieces in this post in my jewelry shop right now!

Stay tuned… more will be coming soon.


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  1. SusanArtandDesign

    Wonderful collection and colors Sarah!

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