New E-book! 100 COLOR IDEAS For Glass Beadmakers

Here’s why I’ve been so quiet lately: there’s finally a new e-book in town!

This E-book is a compilation of 100 of my bead photos – including sets, focals and even a few pieces of jewelry. It features mainly recent work from the past year or two, but a few older beads may have sneaked in.

Beside each photo, you will find a complete list of colors I used in each bead (or set). The colors all come with code numbers and I tried to use their “official” names.

All the glass referred to in this book is COE-104 (besides a sprinkling of Raku frit).
This collection is intended to inspire you in your glass creations. I hope you will enjoy these color recipes!

This E-book does not contain any step-by-step tutorials, but there are many working tips scattered throughout the book.

Click here to download a free sample: http://bit.ly/kxRJdx

The price for this one is $20.

Click here to buy:

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This E-book can also be found on the E-book page of this site and in my E-book Section on Etsy.

The E-book is in PDF format. It is 74 pages long, and contains over 100 high-quality color photos. File size is 7.7MB.

Once payment is received, you will receive an automatic link for instant download of the file.
If you have not received an email, check your spam/junk mail folder to see if it ended up in there. If you sill can’t find the link, or you are experiencing any other problems with the file, please contact me.

This E-book is intended for beadmakers of all levels, looking for some color inspiration. However, it does not cover basic beadmaking techniques. It is assumed that you have knowledge and experience in basic torchwork.

The file is intended for your personal use only. Please do not distribute without my explicit permission.





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  1. Jackie Waik-Atiya

    Sarah this is going to be my bible !!!!!!!

  2. Nelleke

    I’m so happy, o so happy 😉
    I am only a novice amateur. I find very difficult color combinations so am very happy with the schedules and of course with the examples. A must for anyone who has difficulty with color combinations.

  3. Jenn

    Yay! Another e-book from Sarah! Keep ’em coming! I am a collector of your work and your e-books. Thank you for being so generous with sharing your ideas!

  4. Neomi Caban

    I’ve just ordered your newest e-Book now that after 2 yrs of no lampwork, I’m back. I took a class with you nearly 3 yrs ago @ Rocio Studios in Cocoa Beach, FL. I was the very short lady who wrote in your class journal a message in spanish. As of a few months ago I’ve recuperated from surgery due to debilitating lower back pain. I know you had many special sales over the past few weeks and even 20% off your e-Books but I just didn’t know if I could yet sit for extended period in my lampwork shop. I’m finally almost there…this will be the week. Wish me luck!

    I love your work and feel for you that lately youe been saddened because you felt you should not have left the city for the suburbs. But you know, you gave it a try, you really did. So give yourself that well-deserved credit. Some people always play it safe and never get experience true life. But you have. Thumbs up to you!!!

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