And the winner is…

Debbie Z!!!

with the name Ça Ira.
(which I just learned means “there is hope”.)

Congrats! Kudos on the research, the Roger Waters card was a smart one to play!

E-mail me your shipping address, and the beads will be on their way to you tomorrow!
(I’d looove to see what you make with them!)


  1. Debbie Z

    OH MY!!!!!!!! I think I am going to have a heart attack! I feel like I just won the lottery!!! I am having the worst weekend ever and this just totally brightened my day. I will email you right now, Sarah. Thank you so much!!! and I will DEFINITELY send you a pic of what I do with them.

  2. Christine

    Well done Debbie!:-)

  3. Vachu

    Wow!!!! congrats Debbie!!!!! :) enjoy those pieces of real ART!!!!

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