I am starting to think Saturday Specials wasn’t such a good idea.

Not the Specials part, I still like the Specials part. There will definitely still be specials.

But the Saturday part – to be honest – is kinda stressing me out. I don’t work as well when I know I have a deadline. And it’s sort of cutting in to my weekending time – which I can live without on some weeks, but on others I really need to just spend Satudays couch potato-ing around or seeing friends or spending some quality time with my torch.

So I think I need a different format. Spontaneous Specials? Surprise Specials? Hmmmmm.
I will try to have Specials at least once a week, and I’ll be sure to let you know in advance so you can be prepared.
Does that sound okay?


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  1. Janet

    Hey Girl–You can anything you want!!!!! I just appreciate what you have done for me!!!! Hugs

  2. Christine

    I agree with Janet –
    we will still be here!
    have a great weekend – Chill

  3. alice

    no stress, we all have weekends to enjoy! So get on with yours!!!!

  4. Sarah

    Thanks so much for your support guys… I feel relieved! Thanks for understanding.
    I had a nice long day of doing pretty much absolutely nothing :-) well, I did make a set of lentils that I’ll show you tomorrow. Tomorrow it’s back to “serious” work… 😉

  5. Ronda

    Whew – you are human! ;)> Whatever you want to do is great – the word “stressed” does not belong with “special” and “beads” – hooray for you :)

  6. indi_go

    if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth it! if u wanted to do un-fun stuff, u could have stayed a web designer!

  7. Sarah

    Thanks Ronda :-)

  8. Sarah

    Yep, exactly… well said. :-)

  9. sarebear

    I agree! And those Beadheads . . . . you are SO funny, and you think like me. Hee!

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