No bitching, no complaining – just beads today! (And other stuff!)

I must say, I find it extremely ironic (this is NOT a complaint, just
a general observation!) that I spent two whole weeks surrounded by millefiori in every possible way, and yet the thought to buy some never even crossed my mind. Seriously, if you’ve ever been to Murano, you know you can’t even open your eyes there without seeing loads of millefiori everywhere you look. Not only that, but I was at the Effetre warehouse, where at least 90% of the stock is millefiori rods. Tons and tons of them.

“These are cool, but I don’t use this stuff in my beads”, I was thinking to myself, while trying to snap as many photos possible while no one was looking. “There’s no chance I’d ever want to.”

And now, of course – I can’t seem to make a single bead without millefiori. How did that happen? I’m not exactly sure. But I can’t get enough of it, my local supplier doesn’t have a wide enough variety (not wide enough for me, anyway), and I am ripping my hair out here and feeling like a total idiot.

Once again, the obvious conclusion: must go back to Murano. MUST go back to Murano.

Multiple Glassgasms at the Effetre Warehouse
Here I am at the Effetre warehouse, and yes, those are rods of millefiori, and there were TONS more. Did I think to buy any? No. DUH.

Here are some of my latest beads, millefiori and all, now on the Bay:

Okay. Now it is 23:59…




It’s midnight! May 2nd! I just made it through another year! Woohoo!

Avril suggested that in honor of my birthday, I go down to the beach and bury one of my beads in the sand, while wishing that someone special finds it someday. I think that’s an awesome idea, and I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I have a bead ready and everything. (If you happen to be that someone special, please excuse the bead release – I can’t be bothered to clean it out.)

But then I started thinking – hey, if some random special person is going to get a free bead, why not my blog readers? I mean, you’re ALL special! Right? And besides, I kinda like you guys.

SO, here’s what I’m going to do. Since I’m 32, and 3 + 2 = 5, I’m going to give out 5 free beads tomorrow night, to 5 random people. All you have to do is wish me a happy birthday, and I’ll enter your name in the drawing! (Avril, you’re entered automatically.)

You’ve got till midnight tomorrow, Israel time. The five winners can pick any bead they want from my Etsy shop!

See ya tomorrow.


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  1. Carolien

    Hi Sarah!

    Happy Birthday! Not because of the draw, just because you deserve it, a very happy birthday :)

    Beautiful beads you’ve got again! I’m not a millefiori person, so I totally understand the first part of your story. But after seeing the beads, I do understand the second part too! Maybe one day my millefiori-fire will start too.

    Love, Carolien

  2. Charlotte Johnson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH. I love your beads and own 5 of them and would like to have another one to my collection. One of your beads was added to a doll I created. I sent you a picture, her name is Jolene. At the moment she is on display in a gallery in Wisconsin. I mentioned in her discription that the bead was made by you.

  3. indi_go

    Hey, I was about to wish you a happy birthday b4 this givaway thing!
    Happy B-Day dear, and lashana haba’a bemurano habnooya!

  4. Rose

    Happy Birthday Sarah. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I really enjoy it. I am always inspired by your beads. I hope you take the time to do something special for yourself. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Rachel

    Happy Birthday, Sarah, and best wishes for many more!

    Watching your video of how you made a bead inspired me to take my first lampwork class. One of my dreams now is to someday live in a place where there’s room for a little studio of my own.

    And it’s all thanks to you!

  6. Karen

    I hope you have a wonderful year ahead

    Volkano Exotik

  7. Lynda

    Happy-Happy Birth-Day Sarah! Hope you do lots of fun things to celebrate.

    Love your beads, just breath-taking. I come visit your site to drool. :)

  8. Marianne

    Dear Sarah,

    Happy Birthday to you hope you have a wonderful day!

    I was in your first class in the Netherlands at Miriam and enjoyed And enjoyed every bit of it. I bought one of your beads than. I looked up on your flickr site to safe the beautiful picture of it. The second day I wore it I lost it! Went back to look for it every were I called the stores I was in and searched the whole car. At least I still had the picture but was really disappointed. Then about two months later I was outside in my garden with my son and the sun was shining and I saw something shimmering what was it your bead! I was trilled I don’t wear it anymore but keep it on display. Just wanted to share this with you. Have a great day and I love reading your blog and seeing al your wonderful beads.
    Regards Marianne

  9. Isabella

    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday and may your New Year be filled with Love, Laughter,Good Health, and Lots of Glass!
    Cheers To You Sarah!!!

  10. raspberry

    Happy Birthday Sarah :)

    Recently when I have been reading your blog I feel like I know exactly how you feel, which I guess could sound lame, but I do mean it. I hope this coming year brings you everything you desire and so much more!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  11. juliegrace

    Happy birthday, Sarah. Don’t know if you believe in such things but here’s your horoscope for the year ahead. I like this line, and wonder if it has anything to do with your previous post: “Overall, this is a year in which you make some exciting changes.” Okay, so all astrology charts say something like that – still, it’s an entertaining read. Many happy returns of the day. ~Julie


  12. Pugsley Woolsley

    chirp, chirp…thirty two–i suppose i could be yer father…but let’s not stink about that…happy birthday as you work out your own salvation–sardonic wit und alt.

  13. Laurie

    Happy Birthday Sarah! You continue to be an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your special day and have fun planting that one on the beach!

    Best wishes,


  14. lindalee

    ARGH! I was gonna wish you a happy birthday anyway, but now I have to do it for SURE because, well, there’s a remove possibility of a free bead! πŸ˜‰

    I actually have a lil gift to send you, but it’s going to have to wait a few days. YAY for prezzies!! πŸ˜€

    I love the little flowery bits in your beads these days. Really love ’em. They look so… fresh and bright!


  15. Laurie

    Sarah, *h*e*l*l*o*! I got so wrapped up in wishing you a happy birthday that I forgot to say that I really like your latest batch of beads w/ the millefiori! Awesome bright colors!


  16. meital

    hehe, i wished you a happy birthday at midnight and i didn’t even know you were writing this post at the same time πŸ˜›

    happy birthday!!! πŸ˜€


    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY – because you are a special person. Your new beads are really neat!

  18. Alice Hunter-Kelly

    A very happy birthday to you! I love your work! I “discovered” you shortly before I took my first lampworking class. I was impressed then and now after playing with fire and glass I’m TOTALLY AWED by your work. The bead buried in the sand is a pretty wonderful idea!

  19. carol

    Happy Birthday Sarah… love your new beads. Carol

  20. Susan

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I’m dying to know what your latest thoughts are on moving to Murano! Yes? No? Maybe??

  21. Rimma

    Happy Birthday,Sarrochka! You made me realize how much I love glass! I never thought I could make something myself. I start it because of you. And let me tell you, it’s not easy, but it’s so much fun! And I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it. I love you talent, you my big inspiration!
    I wish you to be surround with people who love you and understand you.
    Many, many happy days in your life!
    Happy Birthday!

  22. Jo

    Happy birthday!!!!

  23. Davena

    Happy Birthday! Make sure you start your year as you plan to finish it, doing stuff you love! Enjoy.

  24. Susanna

    Hippo birdie two ewe! Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful day. I love reading your blog and looking at your fab beads.

  25. Shelley

    happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear sarah. happy birtday to you. and many more!

  26. naama zamir

    happy birthday Sarah. you are a very special and inspiring person

  27. Orit

    Happy birthday, Sarah!

    I guess you didn’t buy any millefiori while you were there because you knew, subconsciously, that you’ll be moving to Murano soon. Right?

    Have a great birthday and wonderful year.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll produce by your next birthday.

  28. jackie

    well of course I’m going to wish you Happy Birthday (free bead or not). Wishing you the best birthday ever. Perhaps next years birthday wishes will be in Italiano ?
    Mazal Tov Sarah.

  29. Samsara

    A very happy Birthday Sarah! I read your blog and your bead adventures regularly, I loved your trip to Murano and was a tad jealous! I’ve made beads once or twice, so I’m totally in awe of your skills – I know how hard it is!

  30. Helen

    Hi Sarah, happy birthday – I hope you have a lovely day.
    Heres a cool site for millifiori, I have used them many times
    Best wishes Helen


  31. moonliza

    hello Sarah ! I did not know it was your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!
    Hope this new year will bring you more happiness and more beads for us to admire !
    I’m in love with your beads, I own 2 of them, I have your calendar so I can look at them all day long…
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY again !

  32. steph

    HAAAAAAAAPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! Have fun burying your bead today (it’s now may 2 in the West), this will make someone very happy! I mean afterall, a bead is NOT just a bead but a source of inspiration and hope of good things to come! Peace,

  33. ursula

    sarah, i wish you a very special birthday. may inspiration never leave you. ursula

  34. Esther

    Hi Sarah, Happy Birthday!
    My English is not fluent, but I always love to read your blog. I find it very entertaining, you have a very funny writing style. And not to mention the beautiful beads you show in the blog. I am a starting beadmaker myself, and I wish I will be as creative as you somewhere in the future.
    Wishing you a very nice day and many more healthy and happy years to come.

  35. LynnSF (UK)

    Hi Sarah – many happy returns.

    I now have your blog entries appear in my RSS NewsGator reader – something about needing ‘fixes’ ASAP of fab glass beads (I just hate to miss out on stuff when it happens!)

    Best wishes, Lynn :-)

  36. Sonja

    Dear Sarah,

    I would like to wish you a happy birthday! Have a wonderfull day!!
    I read up every new post on your blog and realy liked your last set of beads. You see the Murano Magic in them! I am still working with colour reactions after joining your class at Miriams….see what you caused! haha
    Have a lot of fun today an I hope this next year will bring you everything you wish for ….like moving to Italy ;o)) .

    Best wishes, Sonja

  37. Chris

    Happy Birthday Sarah
    I can’t believe how fast time passes – I remember you agonising over leaving your twenties!! The last 2 years have flown. Hope you have a wonderful day. cheers!!
    ps I know we all marvel at your constantly evolving style – but your new creations are truly (Murano) Magic!

  38. george

    Yom Huledet Same’ach!
    Have a great day, and an even better year.

    And just in case – Buon Compleanno too!


  39. Rozelle

    Happy Birthday Sarah! What a fab idea to bury one of your beads. Can you imagine, heading down to the beach one day, absent mindedly digging holes in the sand with your toes when suddenly you find beautiful treasure! How fab!!

    Have a lovely day and I hope this year brings you answers, solutions and most of all happiness.

    Rozelle x

  40. Q

    happy birthday chap, this is going to be a BIG one i can feel it – this year is going to be life changing for you….

    from all us Belgians, and edweirdo the wonder dog

  41. Patricia

    Hi Sarah,
    Happy birthday to you…. happy birthday to you.. lalalalala
    Al my best wishes to you. Have a wonderful next year!

  42. Nikki D

    Happy Birthday Sarah! May your next year be full of happiness and good fortune. (Just move to Murano, you know you wanna’…) :)

  43. Anna Richards aka beadsontoast

    Happy Chuffin Birthday!!!
    (that’s a yorkshire thing, no offense meant)
    Get yourself some beer and some fudge cake and celebrate in style!!

    Happy birthday to ya, Happy birthday to ya, happy bi—-rthday

  44. Laura Critchfield

    Hi Sarah-

    Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day- burying a bead is a wonderful idea- what a great gift to the lucky person who finds it.

    Maybe next year you’ll be burying your birthday bead in the sands of Murano!

    Have a good one- Laura

  45. Kerry Bogert

    I want a bead, I want a bead, I want a bead, I want a bead…

    I hope you have a great day!!

  46. Ella

    Happy Birthday Sarah!! May all your decisions turn out right for you this year! Hope to see you again soon!

  47. Sarah

    Haha… that’s last year’s horoscope, actually… :-)
    But it was a fun read, and a lot of it actually did come true.


  48. Sarah

    Latest thoughts: Yes! No. Maybe? YES! :-)


  49. Sarah

    That must have been it! :-)


  50. Sarah

    Thanks Jackie!

    Someone actually taught me how to say “happy birthday” in Italian, but I was drunk at the time and forgot. :-)

  51. Sarah

    Oh THANKS! I just bought myself a little birthday present. :-)

  52. Kellie

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!! My bday is on the 7th and since I am 35 :0 this year, I would trade places with 32 any day!! Enjoy your special day!!

  53. Sarah

    Many thanks to all the rest of you bead junkies. :-)

    6.5 more hours to go!

  54. jackie

    Buon Compleanno !, here is a cute site, just in case you decide to move to Osaka instead of Murano and we need to say Happy Birthday in Japanese… http://www.shabbir.com/romance/bday.html

  55. juliegrace

    Bwah! Well that’s what I get for consuming multiple beverages of the malted barley variety before visiting your blog. Hope you’re having a great birthday.

  56. Monique

    Hi Sarah,

    Happy birthday ! Hope you had a lovely day..
    Hope to meet you again someday, somewhere, maybe even in the plane to….?

  57. Peter

    Happy 32nd Birthday !!

    Keep up the great work …

  58. Angela

    Ok, Am in right in thinking it is Happy Belated Birthday now? πŸ˜› The time difference has got me all mixed up.

    Either way, I hope you have/had a really nice birthday!!!


  59. Annette

    Happy Birthday! Long time reader, first time to comment. Love the way you have of expressing yourself in glass and prose. Go for Murano!

  60. Emmy

    Happy birthday Sarah!! Hope you had a fantastic day with lots of presents and visits of friends and family!
    Keep up the millefiori-addiction, I really like it!
    Greetings from Belgium xxx

  61. Miriam

    Hi Sarah,
    We wish you a happy birthday and hope you will fullfil your dreams this new year.
    Love and kisses,
    Miriam and Eric

  62. gwen

    ……..little belated Birthday Wishes..

    All the best and many happy returns of the day. Have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true


  63. Sam

    Wishing you a happy birthday. Do you find it strange that its your birthday, yet you’re giving the presents?

  64. sarebear

    A very, VERY happy birthday I wish you, and many many bead sales too! I wish I could contribute to that last more . . . .

    I do what I can, when I can though. Happy birthday to a fellow Sarah, even though mine is without the h (when I was young, up through about my mid-twenties, I had to CONSTANTLY tell people “NO H”. ), now that Sara without an h is more common, the ones WITH an h probably will be in the predicament of saying WITH an h, please . ..

    sorry for the ramble, lol!!!

    Happy birthday to you.

  65. Megan

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Do something special on your special day!

  66. Tina

    Hello Sarah,

    Just read that you had a birthday!!! 32 is great, been there so I know;-) Hope you had a great day even though IΒ΄m late still HAPPY BIRTHDAY from
    Rowan (who always is nosey, who are you e-mailing) and me Tina

  67. Noor

    Hey Sarah,
    sorry to late, but i hope you had a great birthday. So from me happy birthday, i wish you a great year.


  68. Mary Thomason

    A very belated Happy Birthday, Sarah. Now you know I’m not trying to win the beads. I just was thinking that Satake makes Murrini, and you know that I go to Osaka about 3-4 times a month. I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy some (I’m not a glass melter, just a collector of beads)and Murrini is small and not heavy, so I could bring some for you, sometime. Of course, that means you’d have to get some Satake glass…hint, hint.
    Hope it’s not too late for you to get this note. I know you’re on your way to the Down Under area, so I don’t expect a reply right away. Have a great time.

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