It’s The Glass Slipper’s Birthday!

This blog is two years old today!

From the statistics:
You have a total of 196 entries with a total word count of
72,430 words.
You have 1,185 comments.

Wow. That is a lot of words.

I was going to write a sappy paragraph about how much this blog and its readers mean to me – but to tell you the truth, time is running out (6 more days till Australia! Are we there yet?) – and I’d much rather be making beads right now. I’ll just say, this blog and its readers mean a whole lot to me, so let’s celebrate!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Why, what have we here?

Oh, look! It’s a little bag, and it’s full of murrini chips!

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside:

Yes! It’s a “sample pack” of (almost) every type of murrini I’ve made over the past month,
and it could be yours!
The chips are all made of COE-104 glass – mainly Effetre.

All you have to do is… guess how many murrini chips are in the bag!
The bag is 70x40mm, and I stuffed in as many chips as I could.

The person who guesses the closest to the actual number, gets ALL the murrini!
Yes. I actually counted them, as if I have nothing better to do.

The Rules:

  • You only get one guess. (No cheating! )

  • You must place your guess by commenting to this post. Emailing me or commenting on the photos elsewhere doesn’t count. I will keep all the comments hidden until the end of the game!
  • The game ends Saturday (June 7) at 23:59, Israel time.
  • In case of a tie, I will distribute the chips evenly between the winners.
  • By placing your guess, you agree to the following if you win:

  1. The murrini chips, as long as they’re in chip form, are for your own use only. You may not sell, trade, give away or otherwise distribute them without my explicit permission.
  2. Other than that – you may use (or not use) the chips in any way you like! However, if you use them as a substantial design element in beads, jewelry or other glass/non-glass objects you plan on selling or displaying online, I would like to be credited.

Fair enough?

Good! Then it’s guessing time!

Okay, you can have one more peek.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks to everyone for playing!


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  1. esweet


  2. esweet


  3. esweet

    I think it rejected the first guess as it said the code didnt match – anyway if it submitted both just ignore the second one


  4. Mark parkinson

    What a clever and nice thing to do, I like to play with murrini but havent made my own yet. hmmm my guess is 132 chips in the bag.

  5. Laurie


  6. Cathryn

    I think there are 286 murrini :-)


  7. Kinga

    Happy,happy birthday!!!it is real fun to read your blog,keep doing it….my guess is 152 murrini,i am curious….


    358 murrini

  9. Billie

    Why, hello Ms Hornik.

    My murrini guess is 107!

    Safe travels, and enjoy Australia.

  10. Melanie Belkin

    225 is my guess.

  11. Ginny

    Hi Sarah,
    This is Wren from LE. I’m going to guess that there are 243 murrini chips in your little bag.

  12. Mary Noelker

    OOOOOHHHH!!! Those are gorgeous Sarah, and I love the beads you’ve been making with them! I guess 276!

  13. Robin

    I’m so bad at guessing this type of thing, but here goes…


  14. Maria Louisa

    Hi Sarah,

    My guess is 176 pieces of murrini.

    Have a great weekend,
    Maria Louisa

  15. Anne Ricketts

    Ok, my guess is 212. These are fantastic Sarah!! These would also make a great birthday present for me (mine is on the 13th of this month) Tee hee!! This is a generous offer also!

  16. Tammy Whitham

    132. You don’t have to post them just bring the to me!

  17. Miriam

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on your second anniversary of your blog.

    Have a safe trip to Australia and give my love to Avril and Sharon.

    And my guess is there are 247 murinni chips in the bag

  18. Julie

    Hmm… 163? ish!
    Have fun in Oz xx

  19. Sam Halliwell

    Mmmm..think there may be 294!
    Happy blog birthday!!

  20. Bek

    Hi Sarah!
    I really wish I was going to be at your workshop next week, bit too far for me, I’m on the other size of Australia!
    Love your stuff and would like to hazard a guess of 152 Murrini Chips in that bag!

  21. Avril


    Great game Sarah! Taht’s always fun, counting all the lollies in the bag :) Good fun 😀

  22. Jane

    Happy 2nd Birthday, my guess is 257 and i can’t wait to meet you in 11 days I am very excited, because you are coming to Australia i am getting to have a holiday with out my little darlings, Thank you. Have a great trip over and a safe flight. Cheers Jane

  23. Carolien

    Wow Sarah, congrats on your 2 year anniversary!!

    And for my guess of the murrini’s, I think there are 136 murrini’s in the little bag.

    Love, Carolien!

  24. RoseAnn Guttierrez

    Happy Birthday Glass Slipper! Ok here is my guess. 237

  25. Retta Gates

    My guess is 198 pieces. Congrats on the Birthday! 😀

  26. Dawn

    my guess for the murrini is 236.

  27. David Chidgey


    My guess is 337. Have a great time down under.


  28. Sharon Tracey

    My guess is 286.

    See you when you get here.

  29. Susan Kennedy

    I guess 186. I hope I win,they are beautiful! Maybe you should go into the business!!!!!

  30. Lindy

    167 is my guess

  31. Emma Mackintosh

    I’d like to guess at 187 of these lovely murrini!

  32. Laura Critchfield

    I will guess…….182!

    What I would really like to know though Sarah, is how you get them “cut” so cleanly, mine are always just a mess- chipped, cracked, at an angle, etc.. I quit making them after a few attempts. Yours are beautiful!

  33. Nolana

    Sarah you are a tease

    I will guess 189 pieces

  34. Veronique

    I think there are 560 murrini’s in the bag

  35. Lisa Dean

    Hi Sarah! My guess for the murrini is 325. How fun! Thanks!
    Lisa (aka GlassGalore on LE)

  36. Vicki Brunberg

    I guess 156 chips.

    I really enjoy your blogs (and, of course, your beads), Sarah – just discovered them recently. I could esp relate to the one about why you don’t want to design websites anymore. I maintain several FREE for our son, and you’re sooo right – nothing creative about it!

  37. Donna Tombs

    Ooooo, 295 I reckon

  38. Shahlaa Walsh

    I’m going to guess 286 murinni chips in the bag :)

  39. Sonje Mitchell

    Sarah – My guess is that there are 125 beautiful murrini in the bag! Thanks for posting this guessing game! Sonje AKA Moonlight Creations

  40. Becky

    I guess 253 … I have no idea why it just seems like a good number lol :)

    Hope you have a fab time in Australia

  41. julie

    I’m guessing that there are 281 murinni in your little bag. Thanks for having the contest!

    mtnglass (LE)

  42. Sheri McD

    I LOVE your murrini!! I’m guessing 89

  43. Ann Queen


    My guess 156

  44. Kathryn

    I think it’s 126 murrini, and they are fab!

  45. Heather

    I think there are 234!

  46. Katie Elrod

    Hi Sarah,
    My guess is 267 murrini!

    great game, and great murrini!

    Miss Kate from LE

  47. Mandy


    They are so perfect! Awesome job!

  48. Jenn

    Happy anniversary and congratulations on a 2-year milestone. My guess is 169.

  49. Mar Alcalá

    I think .. 167!


  50. Yunita Yudodihardjo

    246 pieces?

  51. Heather

    my guess is 126
    your blog and website are beautiful things, thanks good luck in Australia!

  52. Karen Houseman

    My guess is 167 beads.

    I just love your beads and find your “blog” quite inspirational. I now must go and get some beading done!

    Have a good time in Australia.

  53. Anna Richards

    324 chips in the bag

  54. Janet Borchardt


  55. Candice Clark

    Love reading all your post Sarah! And really love your beads:)

    My guess is 208

  56. Kelly Richardson

    That is so cool! Thanks for such a great game with such a awesome prize. My guess is 183!

    Thanks, Kelly

  57. Susan Pav

    how about 253 ????

  58. Sandy Cowan

    Oh you’re good. I tried making them and made a bigger mess.. LOL.. I swear you’re the coolest peep on LE..
    Now that I’ve sapped you up.. 162 chips is my uneducated guess since I never got that far with mine! LOL. Congratulation Glass Slipper, for two years of hard work!!!

  59. Stacie

    I guess 156. I hope I win I love your murrini!!

  60. Gabriel

    Hello Sarah! I think there are probably about 115 murrini in that bag. :) Have fun in Australia!

  61. Colette Dieltjes

    I think 276

    Have a nice trip!

  62. Myriam Hartogs

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on the 2nd Birthday of The Glass Slipper.
    Many more years!

    I think there are 227 murrini’s in the bag.

    Warm regards from the Netherlands,


  63. Ella

    Happy Blogbirthday!

    My guess: 348 chips :)

  64. Nagi

    321 😀
    Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
    Hope your day is full of happiness and joy!

  65. Lana Orr

    My guess is 142. Congrats on your two years! Your website is great!


  66. Michele Trilling

    Hi Sarah!
    Hey Sarah,
    Today’s my birthday too!!! soooo…
    I’m feeling lucky on my 45th bday!
    I’m going to guess 145…
    That was fun!
    Have a fantastic time in Australia!!
    Love your work :)

  67. kathy

    G’day Sarah,
    I think there are 285 pieces of murrini.

  68. Christiane Selimovic

    Hi Sarah,
    Happy Birthday to “The Glass Slipper”! Have a nice time in Australia. By the way my guess is:
    128 murrini chips
    Greetings from “Lucky Town”

  69. Jill

    I guess…. 267

  70. Samela Dorey

    There are 205 chips in the bag.

  71. Tink Martin

    Happy Birthday! My guess is 250.

  72. jo

    Happy Birthday!
    201 pcs….

  73. Tina Hatvary

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great game and murrini chips.
    My guess is 110 pieces.
    Wish everybody luck.

  74. Nancy

    Hey. There are 139 pieces in that bag!

  75. Tache

    Guess the Murrini: 153

    Very lovely btw! So talented!

  76. Orit

    I’ll guess 200.
    Happy anniversary.

  77. Jolanda (with J)

    Happy Blog Birthday!!!
    Please keep your funny (and sometimes sad) stories coming…

    I guess there’s 376 chips in that little bag…..

  78. Jackie Waik-Atiya

    firstly Mazal Tov for your blog b-day, may you enter many many more words (and pics) of wisdom, humor, whim and muse.

    and now for the lucky guess….hmmm, I would say there are 113 pieces in the bag. good luck to me….

  79. June

    I guess 286 !

    And a happy 2nd birthday to your blog – I love it !!

  80. Lisa Reddick


  81. Laura Blanck

    Hi Sarah! thanks for the game! My guess?
    Cheers! Laura.

  82. Tropical Heat

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m guessing that there are 332 murrini chips in the bag!

    I can only imagine the beautiful beads that the winner will make with these murrini! What a great gift to give!

    pam Tropical Heat Le Member

  83. Rinee

    my guess is 149. Your beads are awesome! Thanks for all of the inspriration, color studies and eye candy!

  84. Danis Garcia

    I guess 140 pieces~!

    Have a super time in Australia~!

  85. Christy Greagor

    I guess 236!

  86. Gail G Finney

    How FUN! My guess is 250 murrini chips. CoNgRaTs on your blog’s 2yr bday! Enjoy your travels ~ Gail CoronaBeads@etsy.com

  87. Rimma

    200, I think…

  88. Ann Scherm Baldwin

    Oooh, I want to play! My guess is 257 murrini chips. Have a great time in Australia Sarah! – Ann

  89. Drew


  90. Bluejeangirlnc


  91. Beth

    Happy Birthday!

  92. Hazel

    Wow! Great game Sarah :-) My guess is 183.


  93. Bruna Cordova

    230 murrini chips?

  94. Rivka

    I only did a beginners course in bead making, but am fascinated by your work. Thank you for all the beautiful beads you make for us to see. I think that there are about 210 murrini chips in the bag.

  95. mariag

    Happy Blog Birthday Sarah 😀
    My guess is 379.

  96. kristien

    oooh! are you sure?! *wipes off drool* well, if I’d be the lucky one I will send them back to you after I’ve finished with them… how’s that? 😀

    Ok here goes: 143

    And have a great trip Down Under!

  97. vicky prior

    Hi there I think there are 260 beads in that bag.

  98. Susanne

    Amount of murrini: 228

  99. Nicole Valentine-Rimmer

    What a fantastic idea! great murrini I guess there are 102 chips in there!

  100. Rickie Voges

    I have to at least try…I’m guessing 196..just a quirky guess.

    Happy Birthday Glass Slipper…I always love your eye candy!

  101. Tillie O'Kelley

    I guess 106 murrini chips in the bag.
    I’m a newbie lampworker, so I’m not sure how many you can get into that size bag! ;o)

  102. Lorraine Lee

    I think that there are 106 in the bag.

  103. Debi

    Congratulations on the Glass Slipper’s second birthday, Sarah. I am guessing 211 murrini chips in the bag.

  104. Virginia Chasey

    My guess is 148

  105. Mary Jolley

    You are so creative. My guess is 138. Thanks for the fun game.

  106. Angelique_Redhead

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’m guessing 169. Thanks, Angelique

  107. Laura Churn Hill

    This is fun! I guess 143. I love your beads–great eye candy.

  108. carrie

    123 murrini in the bag

  109. Tiffany

    OH HOW FUN!!! A customer of mine sent me over here, this is really neat,
    ok lets see hummm im going to go with


  110. debkakes

    I guess….126! Wow, those are beautiful!

  111. Isabella

    Hi Sarah,
    My guess is 333.
    Thanks for offering this precious little bag of your creations.
    I wish you a wonderful journey. I look forward to your pictures. I know you will have a Awesome time. Sure wish I was going. I hope that sometime you will come to the USA, North East coast would be perfect:) Anyway, Have a Blast!
    An Admirer,

  112. Esther

    I guess that there are 253 gorgeous murrini in that little bag and I REALLY would love to be right!

  113. sharon abrigo

    253 chips are in the bag, and they are beautiful and luscious-looking.

  114. BeadySam

    I reckon there is 196 pieces of murrini in the bag! Am I right? Of course I’m not – but its fun to join in isn’t it? 😉

  115. Shirley Giles

    I reckon there are 483 in the bag. Just a wild guess!

  116. andrew etherington

    Hi I think there are 244 pieces in the bag. Thank you.

  117. Malcolm Spann

    My guess: 167

  118. Teri

    75 is my guess

  119. Denise Paradis

    My guess is 278. Sarah, when I win, send the murini to:
    Denise Paradis
    16920 W. Jaguar Ln.
    Marana, AZ 85653
    Thanks, Sarah! Have an awesome time in Austrailia! When are you coming to the US?!

  120. Jo

    Wow, awesome colors! You’ve been busy this year for sure! I guess… oh… let’s say 242 pieces. *crosses fingers*

  121. Karen Haight

    My guess is 576

    What a fun contest! Those murrini are so fun looking! Thanks for doing this contest Sarah

  122. Julie Chow

    My guess is 268 pieces murrini chips in the bag.

  123. shari slonski

    My guess is 208 pieces.

  124. Barb Stoneking

    Hmmm,I am thinking there are 138 murrini in there. :o)

    I can’t see any of the other answers so hopefully I’m not duplicating one that’s already been said.

    Thanks Sarah, I’ve been following your murrini quest because I have been on a murrini kick of my own, going in a different direction I think but am learning a lot from you and your blog.

    Have fun in Australia!

  125. Yvonne Ross

    my guess is 143 beautiful murini
    Yvon on LE

  126. Lyn

    I’ll guess 365…one for every 2 days of blogging :) (’cause I don’t think you could fit one for every day in that size bag, lol!)
    Those are incredible murrini Sarah! I think I’d end up hoarding them to stare at for a long time :D…little works of art!

  127. Sandi Mazell-James

    Oh, I hope I win! My guess is 312. Shabbot Shalom!

  128. Leslie Ford aka tiggybubba

    Happy birthday to you blog! My guess is 113 pieces of murrini. I hope I’m right!
    Take care Sara, your stuff rocks!!

  129. Beth

    Ohhh, I wanna win some of your beautiful murrini! My guess is 183 pieces.

    Love your beads with their gorgeous color combinations and free style!

    LE name: WildatHeart

  130. Kelly

    I guess 286.

    Thank you,

  131. Leslie

    What a fun thing to do and beautiful murrini. I just did some yesterday and I think I’m addicted.

    My guess: 177

  132. jolene

    I think that that there 198 murrini :)

  133. lindalee


    Want want want!! I have a lot of wants these days. *sigh*

  134. Leslie Dana

    My Guess is 242 .

  135. Linda Runeckles

    I love puzzles !! I think there may be around 142 pieces of exquisite murrini !

  136. Suzy Hannabuss

    My guess is 187!

  137. Ruth Blake

    I think there are 175 in the bag

  138. Pam

    143 murrini in the bag

  139. Sara


  140. Theresa Cook

    I am guessing around 182 beauties!

  141. Gloria Woodcock


  142. Julie Haveland Beer

    My guess is……153

    By the way, I think you are a great artist! Not only do you make heavenly beads, teasing out colours and shapes that (at least for a 3 month old newbie) seems spirited; you are a fantastic writer, and I imagine you would be a fantastic sitcom author if ever you decided to take on a hobby…

    I wish you all the best luck in the world with your life choices, the world needs people like yourself!!

    PS: I am not a mad stalker or lesbian with a crush…and the above “flattery” is not an attempt at winning your beautiful millefiori (I’d be too scared to use them anyway)…just a mundane scientist turned mum and housewife who stumbled upon beadmaking after a few years of silver work and fusing :-)

    Julie XX (julieHB on FHF)

  143. Janet Jones

    I will guess 157. I saw your thread on LE and a happy blog day to the Glass Slipper.

  144. Christa Keizer

    Hi Sarah!

    I think there are 188 pieces stuffed in that little bag.

    Regards, Christa

  145. Alice Hunter-Kelly

    My guess…..288

  146. steph

    I guess 180 because that is what i thought. Then, i thought “whoa, she started the blog on 6/6/6! So then i said 6×3 is 180 and that is my number. I am a little mental but oh well, aren’t we (glass people)all? Maybe just an excuse for my mentalness but I hope i win, YAY!!!!

  147. Beth


  148. Amos

    ok ok I didn’t read the instructions. my guess is 267 beads.

  149. Annemarie

    Sara Shalom
    First of all: congratulation to your 2 years blog-birthday and of course to all your wonderful beads.
    I was counting 200 Murrinis in your extraordinary bag.

    I wish you a wonderful stay in Australia. In the meantime, I will visit Israel:-)

    Best regards from Switzerland
    Annemarie Eskenazi

  150. Rue

    Hey Sarah,
    I’m guessing 286 murrini chips. They look great by the way!! Love your beads…

  151. Tjiou Ling

    Hi Sarah, I think there will be 269 murrini’s in the bag.
    Nice contest, Greetings, Tjiou Ling.

  152. Tove

    Hi Sarah. My guess that there is 252 beautiful murrinis in that bag.
    Have a great weekend

  153. Carol Clifford

    First of all, I love your work, I dream of owning some one day and second of all, I’m not a good guesser but I love murrini and would love to have some made by you!

    My guess is 412.

    Ok, well, thanks for the opportunity. I’m BeadDesignsByCarol of LE.


  154. Cindy Carnes

    I think there are 287 murrini in that bag. Cindy

  155. Cindy carnes

    Well, maybe I will guess again, maybe 136 murrini in the bag. CC

  156. Donna Kivikko

    125 :)

  157. Corey

    I would like to say they are extremely beautiful!! I’m guessing 285. I hope I win!

  158. Monique

    Hi Sarah,

    My guess will be 196 (the number of posts in your blog..)
    Have a great time in OZ !
    I think you’ll gonna like it there…nice Aussies there as well….;-)

  159. Giorgia

    I think there are 227 murrini in the plastic bag! :-)

  160. Emma

    Happy Birthday Glass slipper!! Ok here’s my guess 610. Wishing you good luck and lots of fun in Oz land Sarah:-)
    luv Emma xx

  161. Sue

    Ooo, I LOVE your murrini. 😀

    My guess is:
    327 murrini chips in the bag

  162. Jeff


  163. Maija-Leena

    My guess is 273. Have a fab time in Australia!

  164. Mirjam

    Hi Sarah,
    Great game! Thanks for that!
    My guess: 258 murrini’s.

    Have a great time in Australia!
    Grtz, Mirjam

  165. Sabine Wenner

    Hi Sarah,
    I guess there are 117 murrini chips in the bag!!
    Have a great day,

  166. roxanne

    hi Sarah!

    what a great and generous game!
    thank you for the chance to play.
    my guess is going to be 253.

    thanks again and love your beads!

  167. Annelies Mulder

    I think 233 pieces.

  168. Volkanokaren

    My quess???? 300 murrini

  169. steph

    Oohh my guess is 402 they look fantastic Sarah you are a murrini freak :))

  170. Shirley Vojkovich

    368, I’d love to win, your glass is amazing, love your work!

  171. Kerry

    Happy Blog-iversary!!

    I guess 237

  172. Carol Gandy

    Sarah, I have no clue, but I will guess 225 beads. Carol

  173. karen

    I think there are 163 peices of milli in the bag!

  174. Sigrid Huber

    Dear Sarah,

    first of all: Congratulation!I realy love reading your blog, your sarcastic and ironical style of writing. And – of course- I love your very special beads. Great art!

    Here my guess: 167 Murrinis

    Have a nice time with the Kiwis

    Nice greatings from Austria

  175. Karen Baildon

    I reckon that there are 183

  176. Zehava L.

    125 beads

  177. Lori Anderson

    For some reason, 112 popped into my head, so obviously, NOT scientific, and NOT right. But I’ll stick with that.

  178. Roy Harris

    297 is the number of chips I guess.

  179. Noor

    first of all congratulations for the blog and you offcorse who made this real, up to date, verry fun to read and an actual adiction for me. Well done!!
    my guessing is: there are 267 loveley murini’s in the bag.
    Wish me luck haha,


    Noor and have a save trip!

  180. Deb Lewis

    Hmmm. 736?

  181. Mary Thomason

    My guess for the murrini is


    Thanks for a fun game,

  182. amy watson

    im guessing 115

  183. Lyn Gutteridge

    Hi Sarah, Fantastic murrini and fabulous beads, as usual!

    My guess for the bag of murrini is 115……which I hope is the correct answer!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Best wishes,


  184. roxanne

    hi Sarah, i did submit an entry once but i do not see any evidence of it so, being a worry wart, i thought to resubmit my entry.
    my guess is 253 chips in the bag.

    thank you for a cool birthday game and great beads.


  185. Georgie

    OOO OOOO fun! I reckon 273
    see you soon! IF I win I am happy to collect the prize in Brisbane. LOL a little optimism never goes astray!

  186. Amy B.

    My Guess is 127.

    Congrats on the two year “birthday!”


  187. Katrina Knauss

    I will venture a guess. I think there are about 217 little wonderful handmade millies in the bag. And I will gladly abide by all of your guidelines if I am so fortunate as to be selected! Thank you for the opportunity!

  188. NikkiDeSarno

    Hi Sarah,
    Beautiful murrini (and happy b-day to the blog!) :) My guess is 222, am I anywhere close? Keep up the good work- Nikki

  189. Gloria Sevey

    Have a great time in Australia! I’m guessing 233 for the murrini chips…

  190. Margie Carlier

    I guess 174!

  191. Sandy

    Hi Sarah

    I think there is 352 chips in the bag! And they look beautiful!!


  192. Claudia

    I guess there are 149 murrinis in that little bag :o)


  193. Katja

    Well I’m also going to take a chance. I think that there are……… 221 murrini chips in the bag.

    Greetings from Holland.

    Groetjes Katja

  194. Maria Britskey

    I guess 411!
    Wish me luck! ^__^

  195. Julia

    I saw your thread on fhf.
    Im guessing 132 chips in the bag.
    Have fun in oz!

  196. Veronique Thoeye

    Hello Sarah,
    Congratulations on your work!
    I think there are 197 murini’s in the bag. Just a guess. Btw they are beautiful!

  197. Lizzi

    Hallo Sahra,
    I guess you have 236 murrini chips in this little bag.
    They are soo beautifull. I like your work and all your beats.

  198. merav boorsh


  199. michal


  200. Martin Huber

    Hello Sarah,
    I think you put 126 piece of your beautiful murrini chips in this bag.
    Sunny greeting from rainy Vienna

  201. Jo

    I would guess 212

    Jo x

  202. LynnSF


  203. Evelyn


    i’d guess 288…

    Have fun in Australia!

    When are you coming to Canada? I’d love to take class from you esp. since i’m a HH user as well…

  204. Gina

    I think there are 108. I can’t believe you mad all of them. Way cool!

  205. Leslie

    Hi Sarah, I’m no mathematician, so this is truly a wild guess. I say there are 221 murrini chips in the bag. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

  206. Luke

    I guess 274

    Thanks Sarah, and great game

  207. Rachel Luxemburg


  208. Terry Fero

    I’m cutting it close to the line timewise, but I humbly submit my guess of 256 pieces of lovely handmade murini. Am I close? Have fun teaching your classes next week, I so badly wish I could afford to go see you there!

  209. Chris Gould

    hi Sarah
    not long to go – you must be getting very excited, I know I would be, only downside, the long flight – still Oz sounds so amazing it will be worth it. I love the murrini competition and even tho I am not a beadmaker I would still love to just have them!! I have a tiny jar just the right size (I think)to put them in. I am probably way out but my quess is 218. This number was arrived at scientifically by putting the tiniest beads & other tiny “things” I could find into a bag the same size as yours(well, almost). (I also have nothing else to do!!)
    Anyway – good luck to me and safe journey to you. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.
    take care :)

  210. Ginger Black

    Fair enough. Have fun in Australia!
    My guess is 167.

  211. anie


  212. Shari Odil

    134. That’s my guess for the number of pieces of glass.
    Have a wonderful time in Australia!

  213. Phyllis

    212 beads????

  214. Michelle Steele

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your beads. :) I guess 235.


  215. Sonja Manders

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on the blogs birthday!!
    One of your former students from the Netherlands checks in ;o) Don’t ask me why…..but I guess there are 109 murrini chips in that bag!! Nice and pretty designs…. I am glad to know how to make a normal starburst one.. I am excited how many the actual number is… holding my breath.

    I would like to wish you a good trip to Australia, land of Oz…. Will follow your posts as usual.

    Best regards, Sonja

  216. Izzye

    I’m guessing about 273.


  217. Laura Smit

    I think there are 131 mirrini’s in the bag.

    Laura from the Netherlands

  218. diane cook

    I think there’s 173 fab murrini in the bag. Great game and lovely prize. Happy Birthday to the blog

  219. malcolm

    Hi I think there are 310 beads, thanks.

  220. Sandra

    my guess is 440

  221. Renate Baumann

    Hallo Sarah,
    I´m a fan of your beads. I come from Vienna and a half year ago I went in pension. At the farewell party my colleagues made me a great present: 2 “Sarah-Beads”. They knew, that I admire your work. I am very proud of them. This was the point I began to make beads for myself (I´m a real beginner :-))
    And I would be very proud to win your murrinis. Now I guess: there are 210 pieces.
    Have a great time in australia and
    good luck

  222. Sarah

    No more guesses, please.

    Thanks to everyone for playing!

    I’ll be back with the results shortly.

  223. Gail McHugh

    Happy Birthday Glass Slipper!
    what a great way to Celebrate. Hmmm My guess for the number of beautiful murrini chips is 433. I hope I win or tie!

  224. debby

    My guess is…. 224

    Debby in Illinois

  225. Mary Redman

    Congragulations and have fun in Australia! My guess is 284!

  226. Beth

    Who won??

  227. Sarah



    The results are here: http://blog.glassbysarah.com/2008/06/08/238.aspx

  228. Debbie

    I think there are 170 in the bag

  229. Fiona

    I think Im too late :(

  230. Leanne Masters

    my guess is 137

  231. boheme

    I”m french so sorry for my bad english !!
    If i can play …my number is 98 chips !!
    Your work is fantastic , so nice !!
    Good WE et thank for this play !!

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