Sarah’s 12 Favorite Color Schemes – And WHY They Work

H A L L E L U J A H ! ! !

It’s ready!

A couple of preview pages:

The printed calendar version is available at Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/content/5290543
*** temporarily unavailable ***

The PDF version is available right here!
It contains the exact same 12 pages (+ cover page), minus the calendar.

Please note that in the PDF file, the text boxes have white backgrounds instead of the colored ones – to save you printer ink.

File size: 2.7MB, including 50 color photos

Price: $10

Want one? Click the Buy Now button below.

Once the payment is received, you will automatically be emailed a link
for instant download of the file. If you have not received an email,
check your spam/junk mail folder to see if it ended up in there. If you
sill can’t find the link, or you are experiencing any other problems
with the file, please email me at sarah.hornik@gmail.com.

By clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, you agree to the following:
When you buy a copy of ‘Sarah’s 12 Favorite Color Schemes’, it is intended solely for your own
use. You may not pass it on, e-mail it, sell it, post it online or
otherwise distribute it, digitally or as a hard copy, without my
explicit permission. You can make a backup copy of the file, or print
out the entire book or sections of it for your own use only.

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  1. volkanokaren

    This is over the top!!!! I have had my suspitions for a while now,,,,,I am a confifmed Sarah Hornik addict.

    It’s not just the beads and the colors,it’s the composition and the written,,,,,,and the sharing of her person,,,,one pretty kool package I say.

    Volkano Exotik

  2. Carla Zeemann

    A message from Holland, Oh Sarah this colors are so cool, I cannot wait to make a try out!
    Thank you!
    Carla of Carlasbeads.com

  3. Linda Lee

    I pimped you, on my blog… 😉

  4. Rimma

    Thank you so much! You are so wonderful!

  5. Donna Dorman

    Hi Sara,

    I ordered your color scheme ebook on 1/22 but have to received it – could you check on it when you have a moment?


  6. Steve Green

    Sent you a pm before I saw this no matter, I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into a tutorial and especially to you for doing this. I also can’t wait to get and try it. Thank you so very much. The website is not up yet still a work in progress.

  7. DebCox

    Sarah – I would really love to be able to get a printed calendar. Any chance they are still out there? Printing it myself is not really an option…the colors are never true :)

  8. Michelle R

    Wow, I just bought and looked at the PDF file of your new ‘colours e-book’ and the photos are amazing. I love your colours and designs. What an inspiration!

  9. Sandy

    Well, seeing it is December 2009… are you planning any 2010 calendar? Please let me know — I would buy it, for sure.

  10. Gabriela Arosemena

    I agree completely!!!

  11. Inge von Roos

    I love the ebook. Some of the colors are no longer available. What would be some good substitutes?

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