What I’ve been up to lately

Hmmm. Care to make it interesting?

How ’bout a drawing? The kind with prizes?

Post your guess in the comments to this post. One guess per person (guesses posted elsewhere don’t count). I will keep all comments hidden till the E-book is ready for sale.

If you guess correctly, I’ll throw your name in the hat (or use an online random number generator, which is much less work).

Three lucky winners will get a free copy!


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  1. Sheri McD

    Wonder glass?

    I can’t wait. I have “think Pink” and absolutely love it!!!

  2. Theresa Cook

    Hmmm…. I’ll guess working with striking glass?

  3. Mallory

    You’re writing about the new glass you love, but I can’t remember what it is. It’s a silver striking glass. That’s all I remember.

  4. Anonymous

    How to achieve awesome results with a hothead! Wohoo, and am I first?

  5. Flonche

    I see bling! Me thinks it’s about dichroic bling!

  6. Tom

    Working with goldstone?

  7. steph

    The easy guess would be wonderglass, but i am not so sure because that would be too easy, plus, is that glass going to be widely available in the near future? I say it is about sets of beads!!! ok, off to bed!

  8. Lara

    I’m thinking silvered glass.

  9. Nancy Kasprowicz

    I am guess that it had to do with wonder glass and the amazing beads you’ve been making with it.

  10. Margie Carlier

    I guess… hmmmm an e book about silver glass and reactions?

  11. Cynthia Ryan

    Hi, I had been hoping you would make another ebook. My guess is that it’s about wonderglass, silver glass. Hope so. Thanks.

  12. Laurie

    Wonderglass ?

  13. Jan Thompson

    Like taking candy from a baby:

    Working with “wonder glass”.

    (Of course)

  14. Caroline

    umm silver glass (striking color)? Regardless of what it’s about I will buy it. Unless I win it of course:)

  15. Melanie Graham

    Curvy Focals with Striking Silver Glass

  16. Sarah

    Wonderglass (strikingcolor)!

  17. Kerry

    Silver glass effects, including but not limited to using Wonderglass :)

  18. Tammy

    Reactionary colors.

  19. Vicki B.

    The wonders you can accomplish on a Hothead – and please make it available to be purchased in the US via credit card (not paypal) – like you did with the last e-book. Yeah!!!

  20. Alice Hunter-Kelly

    My guess….silver glass

  21. Omur Duruerk

    I think it is about one of your “wonderglasses” that is made by using rubino oro.

  22. Trudi

    Hi Sarah

    Really glad that you’re doing another e-book! And am very excited.I’m gonna take a guess at summer oflove paisley’s!!

    Thanks Trudi x

  23. Emma Baird

    E- book on how to use silvered glasses? :) So happy you are writing another!x

  24. Jenny

    I am so happy that you are writing again. Count me in for a copy for sure. I think or hope that you are writing on silver secrets judging from all those loverly striking glass beads that you have been making lately,


    Jenny, Sydney Austalia

  25. Sari

    Maybe about silvered glass????
    At list I hope it will be about that after I ruined a few rods of it…

  26. Lone, Maarslet

    Wow, I sooo wan´t to see another book from you. I´ll definetly get it no matter what.
    I´m guessing it´s about working with silverglass?
    Lone, Maarslet, Denmark

  27. Sari

    Maybe about silvered glass?
    At list I hope it will be about that after I ruined a few rods of it….

  28. marion jochem

    the new ebook is about murrini… I hope…… :-)


  29. anna

    Is it something similar to silver glass secrets?

  30. Karina Russell

    Hi Sarah, I guess working with silver glass,

  31. Barbara Collins

    Reactive, or silver glass, will be the topic of your next e-mail. and I cannot wait.

  32. Suzy Hannabuss

    Working with Silvered glass

  33. Jan Thompson

    I put my comment in last night and I don’t see it today.

    Anyway, my guess is “how to work with wonder glass”.

    Just remember that very few of us have the glass and are suffering from severe glass envy right about now.

  34. Noor

    Hello Sarah,
    ooeh what have you bin up to lately. This is difficult to guess. You are doing so much new stuff and all is gorgeous what you make. mmm let me think it can be something with your latest obsession striking glass. But you also are good in making these sets lately with all the dots and things. But either way i wish you all the luck with your new tut and i want it anyway probably. So i go for “THINK STRIKING GLASS ON A HOTHEAD”. Good luck to both of us hihi…

    xx Noor

  35. Isabella Raven

    Greetings from the Berkshires Sarah,
    I have a feeling that this new book will be about working with all these new silver reacting glass that is available. I would like to say that your work is beautiful beyond words. I am a big fan and I love reading your blog and getting a preview of your newest creations. You are such an inspiration. I hope my name gets put in the hat for this new contest.

  36. Crazy Woman

    Woman, you rock! My guess is the new wonderous glass that you have been working with.

  37. Julie Bottolfson

    Ummmmm….what to guess….lol

    How about silver glass???

    Can’t wait to see it!

  38. mia

    Gold adventurine or copper? Good luck finishing but do get _some_ sleep!

  39. Stacie VanEvery

    I can’t wait for your new e-book. I think it will be about glitter. :)

    Your work is fab!

  40. Sandra

    Is it about Striking Color beads? Yours are the best!

  41. Charlene

    It’s about……hmmm…glass mebbe?? And more specifically I’m going to guess magic transforming glass…striking perhaps?

  42. Linna

    WONDERGLASS !!!!!!!!
    Well at least I hope it’s Wonderglass.
    I love looking at your pics on Torchbugs
    If not please make it your next E-Book
    Good Luck

  43. Felicity

    I think it’s going to be about ‘everything beads’, decorated with murrini and twisties, on hollow or solid bases. At least that’s what I hope…….

  44. Robin

    I’m guessing silver colors on a hothead.

  45. Wiley

    Let’s see….a guess. Working silver glass on a hothead??

    *crossing my fingers!* 😉

  46. Rimma

    It SHOULD be about…Striking silver colors! Yes?

  47. Sheila

    Hmmm, I’ll guess it’s about using metals.

  48. Melissa

    How about an e-book on…. stringer design/shape of the beads?

    Honestly I’m clueless. lol.

  49. Susan White

    Good for you Sarah! As a fan of your work and books, I didn’t like that vow in the first place. So I’m hoping your book is about your cool twistie/stingers and murrini. looking forward to more, Sue

  50. volkanokaren


    Volkano Exotik

  51. Christina Heissl-Hofinger

    Hy Sarah,
    I think your new e-book will be about the silver-glass beads you made the last weeks! Am I right?
    I am very excited to see it!
    Greets from Austria

  52. Kerry

    My Guess is Miracle Glass

  53. Ilene Taussig

    Hi Sarah!

    I’ll guess your new Ebook is on using different colors of silver glass with various “Sarah” techniques.

  54. lisa oram

    The new book is about Color!! How about making a deal where a new flameworker can buy both books at a discount (if, for example, she doesn’t win a free one!)

    Happy writing!

  55. Avril

    Oh the suspense!! What is it, what is IT?!

    Okay, the picture behind the words is pretty sparkly but gold in colour. Hmmm…it’s gold in colour like gold foil, but gold foil isn’t that sparkly, that would be dichroic. But dichroics don’t come in that colour?? Quickly searching on the internet….hmmm. So, maybe it’s something in between the two like gold stone. Argh, so hard.

    Okay, okay, I say it’s “gold stone”!! 😀

  56. Lyn Foley

    OK I’ll play. I guess it will be about the new aura glass or what ever that new wonder glass you are using is. I haven’t tried any, so an e-book for me would be great. Go for it!

  57. Alicia Hatcher

    (Silver) glass reactions.

  58. Laura Critchfield

    OK Sarah-

    I will say it is on the Striking Color and how to (a) bring out the colors (b) how to work it on a HH and (c)- how it looks/works on different bases.

    I have been trying to get some of this glass since I first saw you use it. Beautiful ethereal colors with just the right amount of striations to make them interesting.

    BTW, sorry to miss your class in Florida- oldest son is starting college in the fall and we are trying to save some $$ right now.

    You have been a a roll lately- very magical beads! Laura

  59. Nancy Conlon

    AKA Playswithfire on TB My gues about the new e-book is that it will be about using Dichro.

  60. Katrina Knauss

    Wonderglass/silver glass

  61. Amy

    My guess is dichro and foil

  62. Nikki


  63. Shannon

    I figure its GOTTA be about this silver glass you’ve been having so much fun with lately…

  64. Cynthia Cheslock

    murini and cane making and use.

  65. Chris F

    Well, hoping it will be a copy* of your e-book? Either way, congrats on writing another!

  66. Lori Peterson

    My first guess is murrini. I may have a second guess tomorrow morning but my brain is too tired tonight. :)

  67. Kris Ball

    Will it be about Silver Glass and how you get those fabulous colors?

  68. Jackie

    can I make two guesses? either hollows or wonderglass.

  69. Ilana Harel

    Hi Sara,

    My guess is:Color reactions


  70. Tanya

    Glass of Wonders?

  71. Mieke Besouw

    Hi Sarah,

    First i would to compliment you on your work, it is truly great!!!

    I think the E-book is about working with silverglass. I got your other E-books as wel and they are of great help to me. Thanks!!

    Greatings, Mieke Besouw from the Netherlands.

  72. Sandra Hyler

    I think it will be about silver glass or at least I hope it is, as you make beautiful pieces using it. I hope I am right, please oh please let me be right, because I love your work.

  73. Anouk aka Troll Lover

    Hi Sarah! My guess is that it will be aboutyour organic beads made with silver foil. So how to achieve color reactions with silver foil, leaf etc.

    Good luck with your tut, I hope it does well!


  74. Sarah J

    My guess is wonder glass! You do such amazing work and inspire me all of the time!

  75. therese

    Could only be about Wonderglass!

  76. Lyn Gutteridge

    Hi Sarah, Glad to hear you are making another e-book…..can’t wait to see it. My guess is that it will be about making beads with striking colour glass…..and how to get colours from striking glass. Whatever it is about, I am sure it will be great.

    Best wishes,


  77. Amy Cabanlet

    I think the ebook is about:
    Using silver glass in beads. Striking glass

  78. Bek - Glass Candy

    I guess that your next E-Book will be on the Wonders of Wonderglass!!!!!!!

  79. Leisa

    Would it be about how to use Wonderglass and other silver glasses? Hopefully with a section on HotHeads (cause thats what I wanna know).

  80. Madai

    Hi, I’m guessing it is about working silver glass.

  81. Sandy Morrice

    OK – I’ll play! My wild guess would be “Crazy Little Things”. Don’t know why – it was just the first thing to pop into my head! (Ah the power of suggestive text…) But I’m really looking forward to seeing what it actually is!!


  82. Julie Haveland Beer

    Hi Sarah, cannot help but entering your wonderful draw :-) After drying the moist from my eyes from looking at all your beautiful StrikingColor beads, all I can think of is that the e-tut must be about how to get the most out of WonderGlass…

    Whatever the e-book is about , I wish you loads of luck with it!!

    Julie x

  83. Lesley McFarland

    Hi Sarah, long time no speak, I am guessing your new e-book will be about Silver Glass.


  84. lostatsea

    I guess that it is about using metal leaf and gold stone. I am guessing this because I see gold and sparklies in your font.

  85. Carrie

    Oh, that’s easy (I think)! I’m guessing that it’s an ebook on that beautiful silver glass you’ve been working with lately!

    Hope I’m right…

  86. Dawn

    I am guessing a tutorial on Wonderglass? :) :)

  87. Mags

    It’s not easy to guess… Maybe, you’ll make a presentation of how to start a glass studio of one’s own ;-D

  88. Joann Hayssen

    I think your new e-book is about the wonders of silver Wonder Glass, and how to make beautiful music, I mean beads, with it.

    Got my first two wonder glass beads today and they’re beautiful!

  89. Karin Schalken

    Let me guess……… your new E-book is about making beads of Wonderglass ???

  90. Maria Louisa

    Hi Sarah,
    Is it about your gorgeous hollows?

  91. Hannah

    How to use Striking Color, or wonderglass!

  92. Debbie Nolan

    My guess is that the next project you are working on is an e-book on color reactions

  93. Jen H

    StrikingColor glass/The Wonderglass? :)

  94. Jo

    Maybe it is on using and making murini

  95. Debi Cogwell

    I bet it is about beadmaking techniques!! Not real specific, but hey, you didn’t say specific :0)

  96. minerva davis

    I think it is about making and using murrini.

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