A Quickie E-book Sale and some other things you might like to know

Hi Everyone! :-) A few things you might like to know:

1. I’m having a quickie double e-book sale right now – Silver Secrets and 100 Color Ideas for Glass Beadmakers are only $10 each on Etsy. You can find them here: http://sarahhornik.etsy.com
This sale ends tomorrow (May 15, 2014). Enjoy!


Double E-book Sale


2. Some of you may have been wondering where all the beads have gone. There have been some changes in my business: I have been selling most of my work on Facebook these past couple of months, so I haven’t been listing much on Etsy. There are a few Facebook groups for bead sales now, and I list my stuff there regularly. Anyone can join these groups, to sell beads or to buy them:
Lampwork Bead Market
Lampwork Beads For Sale
Artisan Lampwork Beads For Sale

I will try to keep my Facebook page updated with what beads I’m selling and where, so you don’t have to go digging through the groups to find them. :-)

There are also a couple of “trunk show” groups, where each artist can sign up for a two-day show. During your show, you get to have the whole group to yourself and post all your work! My next show is coming up next week, May 21-22, in the Artisans Open Market group, so these days I’m working like crazy to make a lot of new beads for the show.
I’ll be having another one during June 4-5 in Glass Open Market.


3. I started my own Facebook group! This one isn’t a sales group – it’s called Lampwork Beadmaking Tips, Techniques and Questions, and I guess the name is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a group for beadmakers of all levels, where we can share techniques, ideas and inspiration, ask questions and get advice. If you’re a beadmaker and you’re on Facebook and you haven’t joined yet, please do! It’s a really fun group and I hope it will become a valuable information resource.

That’s all for today – thanks for reading this far! :-)

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