Happy 12/12/12! An E-book SALE, New Beads and… Food?


Today only, all e-books are only $12!
Find them here:


In other news, a little non-bead-related surprise: as some of you probably know, I’ve been working on a Hebrew vegan food blog for the past few months. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, although I guess you could say it was dormant for a while there. Now I’m really enjoying it, playing around with colors and flavors while working to improve my photography skills.

Due to popular request, this week I decided to start an English version – it’s called Playing with Food, and I’d like to invite you to take a peek. I’m gradually translating all the recipes… there’s still a lot of work ahead of me, but in the meantime, here’s a little taste of what’s to come:


Need beads?

Don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shops (beads here, jewelry here). Also, I’ve been posting some larger sets on eBay again. You can find them here.


Silver Sea (click the image to go to the auction)



Bright & Early (click the image to go to the auction)



Hard Candy (click the image to go to the auction)


Thanks for looking!


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