New Focal Beads and a Hoopoe

I kind of like the Silent Saturday idea.
I will just say… these focals are now up for auction on eBay and they’re really cool and you should bid on one.



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  1. Avril

    Beautiful beads Sarah!

  2. Katerina

    WOW! Sarah! I love your bubbles. How you’ve made it? With baking soda? or with secret magic staff?

  3. Sandy

    Ooh, how I love these!!! They’re like miniature vases! Love the clear glass against the fine coloured details.

  4. Barbara

    I am not a jewelrymaker, just a curious soapmaker stopping by to take a peek at your blog. As I began reading I became mesmerized by your beads until I arrived here. These just take my breathe away! They are exquisite. Unfortunatly at this time I am a poor soapmaker or I would bid on them just to have one to look at and possibly make into something. Thank-you for making my day. Barbara

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