Thinking Pink (and Purple and Blue)


I promised to show you photos of my new place, and I know that was like a million years ago, but I’ve been a little slow with the unpacking and organizing this time. Sorry about that. The important thing is, today I can finally say my apartment is beginning to look like a place someone actually  lives (and works!) in. So, here’s an extra-special post full of delicious pink things. And blue things and purple things too.


A couple of months ago, just before I moved, I decided I was desperately tired of looking at brown, generic furniture, so I painted everything in blues and purples. Painting furniture, as it turns out, is really fun for the first couple of brush strokes (OMG this is SO cool). Then it gets kind of boring (umm, okay, looks like this might take longer than I thought). At some point you may even find yourself scrubbing purple paw prints off the floor (noooooooooo, Moby, NO!). Then you start to hate paint and paintbrushes (how is this bookshelf not finished yet?!) and particularly turpentine, after you accidentally dumped half a bottle of it on the bathroom floor (##$@$%$@!@#!!@%$%$%!). And then it takes the paint forever to dry. But hey, after it’s all done, you don’t have to look at generic brown furniture anymore. And that rocks. Moby thinks so too.



I couldn’t stop there, of course. My sofas were looking like the most hideous pieces of furniture on the planet, particularly due to my darling boy up there. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Sigalit not only makes beautiful jewelry, she can sew sofa covers as well! So I went to pick out some fabric, and I was thinking purple and turquoise to match the furniture, but of course I couldn’t resist the fuchsia and the orchid. So now I kind of feel like I live in Boho Barbie’s Dream House. In a good way, of course.




My infamous marble table got a paint job too, as you can see, and a different selection of marbles. (Previous version here.)



Although I love my new living room, I can’t spend all day sitting in it… a girl’s gotta work, right? My wonderful friend Amnon helped me set up my new workspace. I’m working with an oxygen concentrator now and actually really enjoying it. It’s great not to have to worry about oxygen running out in the middle of a bead!



Since the window is closed in the photo, I should show you the view from my new studio. Not very scenic, I know, but as you can see, I couldn’t be more conveniently located. Even if my glass runs out in the middle of a bead, I can run across the street, buy more and almost get home in time before the bead cracks.



When making my first beads in my new place, I found myself strangely drawn to pink (and blue). I wonder why.



Since I have such wonderful friends who make this all possible, I had some of them over today for a little belated housewarming. In the spirit of pink and wonderfulness, I made a strawberry-mascarpone pie. No, really, I did. I’ve got proof.



My wonderful friend Tal must have been reading my mind when she brought these stuffed beets, which tasted as good as they look!



Conclusion: Pink, in all forms, is the best.

But just look at all those other colors waiting to be melted…

They know their turn is coming soon!




Attention Hebrew-speakers: I wrote an article this week about the state of the local handmade community. If you haven’t yet, you can read it here.




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  1. Jackie Waik-Atiya

    that strawberry tart was super delicious !!! your apartment is beautiful too.

  2. Karen Brideweser

    Sarah! Your apartment ROCKS! Artsy….Love the Boho Barbie line in your blog.You give me inspiration…which is something I need terribly right now. I love the simplicity. Colors. Location. Most of all I love your foodie pics. Looks delish…I love strawberries I love beets. Ever notice how beet stains are not unattactive? Fuschia is why.I would love your friends recipe if she is willing. :)

  3. Neomi Caban

    Sarah, You did a great job setting up your apt! It is precious. The bookshelves and that bead coffee table are my favorites.

    You’re life is now feels more organizedand easier, doesn’t it? That is great!

    Stay healthy, sweetie…and happy holidays to you , your family and your friens.

  4. Avril

    Wow, you have been busy Sarah. Glad to see that you’ve got yourself a great home and in a great position. And all that colour looks great! Happy home warming to you. xx

  5. Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your new creative space! It looks like the best place for you to do great work…can’t wait to see where your inspiration leads you!

  6. Isabella

    You did a awesome job bringing such beautiful colors into your new space as you always do with your beads! Love to get a couple of those recipies they look so delicious. Enjoy your new place!

  7. Sigalit Alcalai

    Looks great!! It was a pleasant and fun Saturday:)
    The food was delicious, the company was great, and the pink was heartwarming

  8. Robyn Elbaz

    You did magic with all the colors! I felt a little awkward wearing brown… Thanks for a wonderful and delicious day!

  9. Hagit Lahav

    What a beautiful and magic plac you made!!!!! I am soooo envious!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!!! Good luck!!!!

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