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In almost every blog post ever written on how to write blog posts, they tell you to avoid blog cliches. And one of the biggest cliches, apparently, is apologizing for not writing for a while. But still, I’m going to apologize for not writing for a while, because that’s not cool, and besides, I have good excuses and I’m excited to tell you about them.


I ‘ M   M O V I N G   B A C K   T O   T H E   C I T Y !

Yeah! I found a new place, and this time it was actually easier than I was expecting. The location is perfect for me – it’s right across from my glass supplier! So close, that if I run out of a color in the middle of a bead, I can run out and get more and get back to the torch before the bead explodes. Okay, almost, but it’s an entertaining thought anyway. It’s also a minute away from a large post office. Perfect! It’s very close to one of Tel Aviv’s more trendy areas, so if I ever decide to become a trendy person, there are tons of cafes and restaurants, and other temptations such as silver suppliers, bead shops and even the beach. Anything I could possibly ever need is in walking distance.

It’s on a very noisy street, which is of course not ideal, but if you want to live in the city on a low budget, something’s got to give. But it’s relatively spacious for a low-budget single-girl city apartment. It has high ceilings, old dark green floor tiles which I love, and two little balconies that I hope Moby will like. I’m excited. I love this place already. Really, I do.


Here's a little peek. I know it doesn't look like much in the photo, but this place has lots of personality and it's going to be adorable once I'm through with it.


So, now, here’s the plan: I’m waiting for an oxygen refill and once it gets here, I’m going to work like crazy till the end of this week, in attempt to go through an entire tank by Saturday and create as much inventory as I can before the move (I’m going to get a concentrator for the new place). Next week, I pack everything up. The week after, I move. And I try my best not to have a nervous breakdown in the process. So much to do, so little time! (I have a feeling that’s probably another one of those blog cliches.)


And, in other news:

I’m still working on my Rustic Series, and I plan on working on it some more this week (o oxygen guy, where are you?). In the meantime, you can find a bunch of new sets in my bead shop.

I’m enjoying experimenting with some reactive colors I haven’t played with in a while, such as various forms of Copper Green.

Here are a few examples:





Secret Circles



Magic Touch






If everything goes as planned, there will be lots more beads in the very near future, so stay tuned!


In Local News:

After a very long wait, I am going to be teaching an advanced beadmaking class at GilRaphal in Tel Aviv, and it looks like it’s actually going to happen this time! The class starts on October 26, and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Also, I’m going to be teaching a beginners’ class at GilRaphal’s northern branch in Haifa, and that will be starting sometime in November.

If you’re interested in one of these classes, or you know someone who might be, please contact GilRaphal for more info and registration.


And in World News:

I’ve been invited back to Art in Action next summer. And while the mere thought of getting on a plane kind of stresses me out right now, I hope to make in there this time, in one piece and with the right papers. So, mark your calendar if you’re in the area – I hope to see you there. I hope to maybe set up a class or two as well. But we’ll see how things go – stay tuned for updates.


Now, has anyone seen my oxygen guy?





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  1. Avril

    That’s all awesome news Sarah! Good luck with the move.

    1. Sarah

      Hey you! I was just thinking about you yesterday. :-)

  2. Jackie Waik-Atiya

    can’t wait for the house warming party !!!!

    1. Sarah

      Like! 😉

  3. Neomi


    I’m so excited for you. You gave the country a trial but it wasn’t you. So back to the city…and to what sounds and looks like a great place. And on top of that, across from your glass supplier and the post office and those little delightful cafes are so very close by.

    I wish I could send you a little house-warming gift. You know, I will. Something really small but I’ll do it. Do you have an idea what your kitchen or bedroom colors will be? (I kinda’ need to know- Ha! Ha!) Oh, and I’ll need your new address.

    Stay well, my beautiful lampwork teacher (you taught me in Cocoa Beach at Rocio’s Studios).
    Happy Moving!!!

    1. Sarah Hornik

      Thanks Neomi, that’s so sweet of you! :-)
      I’m going to get a new PO box once I move, so I’ll let you know the address when I have it.

  4. Susan

    Your new apartment and the area sound so exciting! You’ll get used to the noise and won’t even notice it. I can’t wait to see photos. So happy for you.

    1. Sarah Hornik

      Thanks Susan! :-)

  5. karen

    Yeah- what a wonderful new adventure and perfect area for you. Watching all the traffic and goings on will give you new inspiration.

    Do you have to tell the landlord what you’re doing or have a oxy tank in your apt?

    Wish I was there to help you move. Sounds so exciting for you and I love your new beads!!!! xo

    1. Sarah Hornik

      Thanks Karen!
      I’m going to get a concentrator for the new place.

  6. Laurie Carroll

    Hi, sounds good news on the move…it can be very stressful…getting setup again etc but fun in new surrounds..we have moved twice in two years here. Its taken a few months to get the torch area setup again…BTW I am using Michael Barleys “booth” type setup…it is looking very good now. (he was really good in emailing me a few photos ) also see Corinas Spotlight on Silver booklet…..and I have to get cracking melting glass again…btw if you havent used a concentrator before I would suggest to get one that will give the full range of O2 for your torch…mine runs out of oomph pretty quickly…I cant turn up the O2 very much…but its workable…and saves a fortune on bottled O2..

    I packed my main tools etc in smaller box/es so I could keep track of them etc…It will be interesting to see how you setup the new studio…Rgds….Laurie

    1. Sarah Hornik

      Good advice, Laurie, Thanks! :-)

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