Here’s a new style I’ve been working on. It’s one of those times of year when I want to be able to offer beads that are more affordable, but still make them Sarah-Beads, so here you go. :-)

This style is kind of organic-ish, but not quite… the beads are quite different from organics I’ve made in the past… so I was wondering what to call it. Rustic? I think I’m gonna go with rustic. Rustic sounds like something cool and trendy, doesn’t it? Either way, I’m enjoying making these. I hope you like them.

Rock Garden








Find these and more, now on Etsy.




  1. Patricia France

    I like them very much, Sarah. They still look like “Sarah beads”!!! Very nice colors.

  2. Jane Perala

    Very nice Sarah – I really like Rock Garden and Quest.

  3. Isabella Raven

    Your style is beautiful! I love Quest and Sometimes.
    I would also like to mention that it was great seeing your Color tutorials talked about and promoted in the new Soda Limes Times! I have them too:)

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