Help me name these beads (there’s a prize)!

I’ve been making beads for almost six years now. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Making beads is still fun, but I must admit… the task of naming them is becoming more and more daunting. I just made this new series of focals and I think they’re really cool beads, but the only names I can come up with at the moment are “Gah”, “I don’t know”, “Blah” and “Argh”. Now, that won’t do at all, will it? These beads deserve much better names than that.


Wanna help?


I’ll even throw in a little bribe to make it worth your while… how ’bout a drawing for $50 credit you can use at either of my Etsy shops? Sound good?


Suggest names for these beads in the comments to this post (I’m putting numbers on the photos to make things easier). You don’t have to name them all, but you can if you like! I’ll proverbially throw your name in the proverbial hat once for each suggestion – one suggestion per bead per person, please – meaning, you can have your name entered in the drawing up to 4 times. So, name your favorite one or go wild and name them all!


These are going up on Etsy tomorrow – hopefully with nice names – and I’ll do the drawing and announce the winner beforehand, so you’ve got about 24 hours to post your suggestions. Good luck! :-)








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  1. Andréa Simeral-Boyer

    This is: Summer Soiree series. :)

  2. Amy

    #1 – Underwater Adventure
    #2 – Tuscan Sun
    #3 – “Gah”, “I don’t know”, “Blah” and “Argh” 😉
    #4 – My Only Sunshine

  3. Shannon Vickers

    1. Splendor 2.Dazzle 3.Luster 4.Reflection

  4. Sue

    1 – I Put A Spell On You

    2 – Medusa Seducer

    4 – Swirl Girl

  5. Vicki B.

    1 – Follow The Sun
    2 – Yellow Submarine
    3 – All You Need Is Love
    4 – Octopus’ Garden

  6. Diane Gates

    1) Rising sun
    2) Fiesta
    3) Hot summer
    4) I’ve got the Blues

  7. Retta Martin

    #1 Sundance
    #2 Aztec Sunrise
    #3 Venus Flytrap
    #4 Kaleidoscope Garden

  8. Michelle Lanfear

    #1 – Planetary Orbit
    #2 – Planetary Venus
    #3 – Planetary Rivers
    #4 – Planetary Mystery

    Or call these creations: Orbitals

  9. Sue

    Look Ma – Six Hands!

  10. Marieke van Ophem

    1. Salmonella
    2. Barbarella
    3. Rockafella
    4. Grizabella

  11. Astrid

    1:Summer festival
    2:Summer fair
    3:Summer picnic
    4:Summer party
    Beautiful beads that give you a” good summerday happy feeling.

  12. Sue

    #3 – Look Ma – Six Hands!

  13. Nicky Austin


  14. Inge

    ! Valley of the Sun
    2 Sunshine Blues
    3 Forest Sun
    4 Summer Pond

  15. Dee

    #1 solar storm
    #4 galactic sea

  16. Peggy Snyder

    1 Eye see you
    2 Bubbles in my eyes
    3 Kittyhug
    4 Inutero

  17. margret

    1. spy who loved me
    2. eyecatcher
    3. like a virgin…..
    4. just a perfect day.

  18. sarah brown

    1. Sunshine on a Rainy Day
    2. Happy Days
    3. Mardi Gras
    4. Beside the Seaside

  19. Lorraine James

    1) Alien Planet Sunshine
    2) Sunny Side Up with Vino
    3) Sun Kissed Oceania
    4) Magical Swamp

  20. Lisa Kane

    1. Seashore Swing

    2. Seaside Shimmy

    3. Sunshine Samba

    4. Summer Salsa

  21. Whitney Lassini

    1. Phyllis
    2. Etta
    3. Wesley
    4. Steve

  22. lissette

    only one name came up by my this is
    Summer love

  23. Viera Chlebinova

    summer sun (the birth of the sun)
    summer rain
    Indian summer
    summer evening (summer night)

  24. carine smets

    1. Sunshine
    2. Carnaval in Rio
    3. An octopus in the jungle
    4. impressionistic mind or artists mind

  25. Olga M

    1. The Mother of the Sun
    2. Octopus trail
    3.Flying above the birds
    4. Fried egg

  26. D Lynne Bowland

    1 summer soltice
    4 one eyed purple people eater

    No clue on 2 & 3 and I didn’t read anyone elses suggestions… the series could be

    “some like it Hot”


  27. Kalorlo

    I rather like Dancer as a series name for these. They all have a dancing squiggly-legged thing with a central eye :)

    1. Sun Dancer
    2. Ember Dancer
    3. Reef Dancer
    4. Verdant Dancer

  28. Giorgia

    1 o sole mio
    2 Pandora
    3 aracne
    4 un’estate italiana

  29. Julie Libonate

    Call them Squiggle Beads…

    lol..they are pretty!


  30. Neomi Caban

    1. Squiggle Sun Burst
    2. Squiggle Eruptos
    3. Squiggle’s a la Sombrero
    4. Squiggle’s a la Femme

  31. ginger

    1/ Sunspots
    2/ Hokey Pokey
    3/ Nebulus

    Cool contest and fantastic beads, Sarah!

  32. Cynthia Ryan

    1. Yellow Submarine
    2. Here’s Looking at You
    3. Outer Space
    4. Lost In Space

  33. Pat France

    new series …The Eyes Have It!!

    1. Fly the Red Eye
    2. Blue EyesCry Yellow
    3. Hangovers Suck
    4. Peaceful and Sleepy

    Actually, Sarah, I think the Octopus theme would be good. And I love the Medusa idea someone mentioned.

    I really like them!!
    love ya, Pat

  34. Janet Poole

    1 Oedipus
    2 Juno
    3 Aphrodite
    4. Hemera

  35. Suzy Hamby

    #1 Key west
    #2 Alien eyes
    #3 Transylvania
    #4 Chaos

  36. Jen H

    1. Aqueous Sunshine
    2. Tropical Paradise
    3. Fruit Cocktail
    4. Oceanic Dusk

  37. Joyce dwulet

    1. Carribean cruise
    2. Fall fantasy
    3. Splendid summer days
    4. End of days

  38. Shannon

    #2- Feel the Rhythm

  39. Sari Glassman

    It’s obvious! The name of this kind of beads should be ….. Spiders!!!!

  40. BERNA

    #1 Eye of the Sea

  41. Kinga Staisch

    1.Insparation Queen
    2.Beautiful Madnness
    3.Party Hot Kiss
    4.Crazy Dance

  42. Cynthia Hass Bishop

    1 Dots at Dawn
    2 Gestation and Birth
    3 Octopus
    4 Tide pool

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